Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Answers to the Questions part 1

During the giveaway a couple weeks ago, I asked you to leave a comment asking anything. Yall have some good questions! I'm happy to answer them all and will start with the first half here.

Neely asks what is your favorite thing about blogging?
I read blogs for years before I started my own. I often read bloggers gush about how much their readers mean to them and how therapeutic blogging had been for them. I never could have guessed that I would start to feel those things so quickly, only a couple months after I started this blog o’mine. I love getting to think through my thoughts enough to compose them into a post, getting to know my readers and form real relationships with some of them, and add a little something to this community of bloggers. The thing I like the very best though is the comments, selfish as that is. It makes my day when readers take a minute to share their thoughts about something I wrote or say hi!

Erin says what's the weirdest thing about you? whether it be a habit, something physical, or something someone else thinks is weird about that a weird question? haha.
No, that’s not a weird question and I’m going to answer it with something not that many people know. The weirdest thing about me is that I bite the tips of my hair off on the sides. I’ve been doing it since I was a little kid and despite trying many times to quit, I’ve never successfully done so. I learned recently that this kind of habit is called trichophagia. It’s a compulsion similar to trichotillomania which is pulling hair out. I’ve never had any negative symptoms from it probably because the way I do it I’m only biting tiny pieces of hair off at a time but that’s why the sides of my hair are always shorter (mouth length) than the back and curling it every day like I do helps blend the difference. That’s pretty darn weird, huh? I hope we can still be friends!

Marla.z asks do you have any pets, and if so, please share what you love about them? If not, would you like to get a pet?
I have two dogs, a Jack Russell Terrier named Eddie that we got from the San Antonio Defense League and a yellow Labrador Retriever named Sandy who was Brian’s family’s dog but she now lives with us. I can’t imagine life without dogs. They’re not babies to us, but they are such an important part of our family. I talked about them here a little tongue-in-cheek but most of the time they really are delightful. Sandy follows me around the house and is such great company. She’s really vocal too and sounds like a mama bear most of the time. My favorite thing about Eddie is the way he cuddles when he’s tired at night and in the mornings when I’m on the computer he’ll come over to me and put his front paws on me and ask to be picked up. I’m happy to oblige and spend some time with my boy!

Juggling Thoughts said what was your wedding like!? And El wanted to know what my favorite part of it was.
You can refer to my Wedding Wednesdays series that Juggling Thoughts hosts to hear some more about details, but overall, my wedding day was blissful! It was absolutely the happiest day of my life thus far and everything I hoped it could be. In planning, I was aiming for an event that was traditional, elegant and focused on the sacrament of the day.

Brittany EL said What is your favorite part of Texas?
Is all of it an acceptable answer? I love the Hill Country, Central Texas, Houston, and the coast. If I ever make it out to West Texas I will probably like it too. I’m ok with writing off anything north of Dallas as Oklahoma though. I did not enjoy my trip to Lubbock one bit. No offense if any of you live there.

laurenchapman said What is one meal you would cook weekly if you could?
I never cook the same stuff so I doubt I’d like to make any single recipe every week, but if I could I’d make a big ol’ Southern Sunday supper every week including biscuits, lots of sides, sweet tea and a pie. Why don’t I? Because there are just two of us and neither of our waists needs that kind of feasting on a regular basis.

Tales from the Williamson's Trails said If you could go anywhere where would it be?
I would love to take a vacation in Greece! Everything I’ve read or looked at make it seem so wonderful!

Semi-Slacker Mom said How long did you & your hubby date before marriage. How did you meet?
When we were both students at A&M we went on separate river trips one weekend in July 2006. I went with all girls, he was with all guys. One of the girls in my group went to high school with him and the guys in his group and while we were on our way to New Braunfels they coordinated hooking our groups up to bar-b-q at the lake house they were staying out. It’s just down the street from where his parents now have a house and across the lake from where we live now. We had a wonderful trip together and ended up falling in love by the next morning! We dated for 2 years (with a small break in the middle there) then got engaged on July 3rd 2008, and were married a year and a day later on July 4th 2009. Here's our wedding website and our story is included there.

suburban prep said When in doubt what is your go to meal to cook for dinner? And Similarly, The Ratpack said What are your "go-to" recipes for times when you entertain someone important, like your in-laws?
This question comes from Sarah, my sweet friend from College who was on that fateful trip that Brian and I met. She can vouch for my story! Like I mentioned above, I hardly every make the same thing twice. Almost every time I cook I’m trying something new, usually with great results, sometimes with lousy ones. If I need something fool-proof I’m likely to borrow a “go-to” from my mom or a friend. I’m sure over the years this will change.

Sarah's other question is What College Station restaurant do you miss most? Mine is Laynes...oh those chicken fingers!
I can’t pick just one, but I’ll give my top three!
Cheddars- I miss the spinach artichoke dip, key west chicken and shrimp, and the Cabo-Wabo rita!
Blue Baker – yummy yummy sandwiches, breads, pizzas!
Fitzwilly’s – where else can you get that perfect of a cheese burger, homestyle fries and a beer for $4?

Southern Belle Mama said Where is your favorite place to shop?
That’s a nice, simple answer! J.Crew is my hands-down favorite place to shop!

Diana said what is the sweetest thing that hubby of yours has done for you lately?
He does sweet stuff practically every day! He brought home tulips, surprised me with an Icee, mopped the kitchen while I slept in, helped me get ready for company this morning, packs my lunch! I couldn’t ask for a better hubby!


suburban prep said...

I give you a lot of credit. I try to come up with great ideas for dinner but a few times I am just not inspired.
My go to idea is --having the husband decide what we are going to do.

Neely said...

Hahah love your answers although your favorite thing about blogging should be me :p

The Ratpack said...

I love the story of how you and Brian met not only, because I was there, but it all just happened so randomly! You guys probably would have never met if Regina hadn't been on our trip and decided to meet up with their group!

And, confession: I don't think I've ever eaten at Blue Baker! I have other friends who rave about it too, so I guess next time I'm in town, I'll have to go!

Erin said...

Yay, I'm so glad you did this! It was fun reading all your answers.

Luckily, there are several Cheddars in Austin, so I still have the pleasure of endulging in spinach dip on occasion..and we've revisited Fitzwilly's several times during football seasons, but now Blue Baker? I could totally go for one of those yummy sandwiches right now! Man I love that place!

littledaisymay said...

I would love to have a Southern supper every night too :) But then I'd definitely have to be hitting up the gym every day!

Simply Me said...

new follower! :)