Monday, April 12, 2010

Almost a week recap!

Please excuse the slight blogging slump I've been experiencing here at LTLN (i'm thinking about embracing the acronym, what do you think?) I plan to hop back on the bandwagon right away with a recap here and a menu and top 2 tuesday coming soon. I'll also get around to answering the rest of your questions this week- they're good ones!
I know I never did an Easter recap, but I'll just let you know that it was a wonderful, blessed weekend! Brian and I headed into Sugar Land to see my parents and we really enjoyed our time together. The highlight of the weekend for me was taking all four dogs (our two and their two) to the luxurious dog park where they ran around and played like this and then some. This video takes place in my parents backyard.

Here's Brian with the idgit dog of the bunch. Isn't he a cutie!?

And here we are joined by our dinner guest, my long time great friend, Majid. We went to middle and high school together and he's one of my funniest and most loyal friends. He lives in New York City now where he works for The Metropolitan Opera doing all kinds of fantastic techie sorts of things. He was only able to visit us for an evening but it was great to have him. I made pan fried catfish, homemade mac n cheese and sweet and sour green beans and pushed the carbonara to today. By special request I also made these cookies. After dinner we went over to Landa Park and walked around by the springs and on the trails. It was a lovely visit.


I taught just like usual but we had a special day for the simple fact that it was "One Day Without Shoes" hosted by Tom's Shoes to raise awareness of people who don't have shoes. It was against the rules for the kids to go barefoot at school but there was a bit of drama about kids feeling like the needed to ignore the consequences and "stand up for what they believe in" by going barefoot anyway. We had a discussion about the difference between running around barefoot at school because it's fun and really defending a cause despite personal sacrifice. We also explored other things they could do that might actually make a difference for causes they believe in besides showing off their new Easter socks.

Thursday evening was quite busy! Fun too though! We attended a dinner reception for new members of the New Braunfels Republican Women. It was at the beautiful home on the river of one of the officers and I had a great time meeting fellow new members and learning about how to become more involved in the group. Immediately after the dinner Brian and I headed into San Marcos to Cheatham Street Warehouse where we saw the Brandon Rhyder concert. Brian had called in that morning and won free tickets from our favorite Americana station. I tried to take a picture of us, but it came out really blurry. Here's the band instead.


I had a hard time all day believe it was Friday but by evening I was too wiped out to do anything of any consequence. Instead we went grocery shopping and watched tv. It was nice.


We worked out like Whoa on Saturday! I forgot quite how out of shape I really am and did two challenging work-out videos strength and cardio and then took a two mile walk with the dogs. I know to some of you that's nothing, but my body is still complaining about it.

We got to go out to the lake and enjoy our non-leaking (yay!) sailboat! I even got a bit of a sunburn. I love that Spring is in full force! The wind was pretty heavy and it was a great day on the water. After sailing we went to the Lucky Sailor Oyster Bar that's right next to the marina. It looks like I might have a summer job there! We indulged in oysters, fish, margaritas - delish! I had Brian take my picture from this angle so you could see my braid. I thought it was really cute.

And my handsome hubby relaxing while we were tied up to the moorings.

Ignoring sore muscles, we went to the track and ran (Brian)/ walked and jogged (me) a couple miles. The rest of the day we mostly stuck around the house and enjoyed each other's company. It was my turn to teach at Life Teen after Mass and the theme was on the 7th and 10th Commandments, social justice and meeting others needs for material goods while avoiding greed and gluttony ourselves. Tough subject for me, but such a good one to be reminded of. Having just come out of Lent, I'm reminded of the virtue of living simply and keeping life clutter free to make room for God and providing for others.

I hope that you had a terrific weekend like I did and that your week has started off beautifully!


Beth said...

What a fun little recap! Looks like you had a wonderful week! Little jealous about the sailing! Glad the boat didn't leak! LOL

littledaisymay said...

When my hubby went to get his hair cut last week, all the stylists were barefoot too. They sell Tom's there so hubby came back with a pair for both of us :)

Neely said...

I cant wait to play on the 7 WEEKS!!!!!!! Look like yall had a fun weekend even though I already knew what yall did ...jk :)

Kassie said...

I LOVE going out on the boat, it's always SO much fun! :)

Head Neatherer said...

Is that a beagle? We have a beagle! She is the cutest, albeit sassiest, little pup alive! I LOVE the boat - wish I could have been there with you! :)

Andrea said...

Talk about action packed! The time on the boat looks great!

Erin said...

I got goosebumps when reading the part about the kids feeling like they 'needed' to be barefoot. Just when I think kids these days are hopeless, they prove me wrong! So sweet!

allie-mac-fallie said...

miss erin, i just love you and miss you so much. so k and i found a new neighborhood in Southport, NC... its right off the coast and the houses are very beautiful... any chance the 4 of us could move out there?????

Neely said...

Someone left you an was me!