Friday, April 30, 2010

Fuming Fridays

Fuming Fridays
It's Friday and I'm fuming! I'm not really. That's why it's taken me till 8:00 to think of something to post that irritates me enough to give it this title. But I thought of something.
I think it sucks that people talking about politics feel the need to refer to their opponents as Hitler or Nazis. Hitler was horrible, evil, no-good, very bad. Your opponent may be bad too, but it seems like the Hitler comparison is watered down a little more every time it's used erroneously. People said that about Bush and they're saying it about Obama and both references are absolutely stupid! I'm much more inclined to think mean thoughts about Obama, but isn't it enough to say that he's a radical leftist that's making decisions that will irreparably harm America as we know it. That he doesn't see America as a remarkable place with a unique history, tradition, morality and standard, but merely sees us as one among many and more guilty than we are praise-worthy. That he disregards the values so many Americans hold dear like family, industriousness, innovation, and faith. You know, about half of the country would feel exactly opposite that I do, but why use language comparing politicians to dictators that have been dead for decades and speak about the present? It doesn't help anyone's argument to say those things and well, it pretty much makes me fume when I hear them.

Maybe next week I'll complain about traffic or something passive like that, but like Neely said, rant and release, and I feel a good deal better now!


Neely said...

I agree with you, even though I voted for him it was really a vote against Sarah Palin...Love you!

Karl Joe said...

You're right, Obama lacks genocide to be compared to Hitler. As awful as it sounds, Hitler was a better leader given his very affective (yet unorthodox) ability to get the people of his country to come together as one and to take pride in their country. I'm in NO WAY defending or condoning Hitler's actions, just pointing out a few of ways the Obama/Hitler comparison is very unjustified. If one is to compare him to a dead dictator, they could at least go with Stalin, at least they share socialist values, hahaha...