Monday, April 19, 2010

I've got a little story for ya

Acutally I have three stories for you.

The first, I promised to you on Saturday. About why I was worried about getting glass in my feet. Brian went out of town on Friday evening for his sister, Megan's Aggie Ring dunking party. I hear they had a wonderful time even though her's got dunked in punch instead of beer. I guess that's ok, mine has never been dunked in anything. That's not the point of the story though. About 20 minutes after Brian left I had just put the dogs outside with their dinner and I was in watching dvred tv. I hear a huge crash of glass breaking and my instant thought was "oh no, what did the dogs knock over?" I thought it would be one of our bowls or something that might have been left outside. I was not prepared for the amount of glass I saw. There were a million shards of glass large and small stretching across our whole covered patio. It took a second to realize what it was that had been broken. We have a ceiling fan out there that was going and apparently had wiggled itself free of the glass globe covering the light. Interesting fact, in our little 1500 square foot house we have 10 ceiling fans. It's pretty incredible but makes the house quite comfortable in the summer combined with all the shade from the pecans. I called Brian and whined about the glass then spent the next hour+ cleaning up broken glass. It was made a lot tougher by the rocky patio. If you come over to our place for the next couple months, be sure to keep your shoes on. I might have spread a little into the house on accident too. I just hope the dogs don't get glass splinters in their sweet little pads. I'm keeping them inside as much as possible.

The second story explains why I didn't tell you that story sooner and also why I didn't host a Sing-Along Sunday like I meant to. I tried to turn the computer on yesterday morning but even though I could hear it running, nothing was coming up on the monitor. I played around a bit and rebooted, but nothing. We happen to have an extra monitor from my old computer so I switched them out, but it was the same. Again, I called Brian to whine and he told me it must be the video card that's out. I started planning instantly to replace the computer, or maybe my laptop first which doesn't work, and Brian was agreeable with it. Luckily, but also sadly, my husband suddenly remembered late last night that he had a spare video card from about 6 years ago when he changed them out for gaming just lying around and was able to install it in a matter of minutes. So here I am, back on the computer, but I'm going to have a much harder time making the case that I need a new Mac Book now.

Third story is to say thank you to those of you who wished me well on the test and offered up prayers. I went into it pretty sure I was going to fail, but coming out, I'm much more confident that I passed. I thought I was going to be taking a computer based test like the last 2 I've taken, but when I got there I found out it was paper and pencil. The test was supposed to start at 2:00 but the website insisted that we arrive no later than 1:30. I got there at 1:15 and sat in a hallway with about 39 other wannabe teachers till almost 2:10. Then began the 20 minute process of letting everyone into the testing room. one. by. one. From there it took about 45 minutes to read the directions, rules and procedures and pass out the booklets at a snail's pace. The test didn't start until after 3:15 and by then I had pulled all my fingernails out and really had to go to the bathroom. We were allowed 5 hours total and I start making plans to die by papercut/bladder explosion if I was still in there at 8:00 taking the same damn test. Thankfully, I spent 2 hours working on it and checking my answers and was ready to leave, pretty sure that I passed. I'll feel like a real horse's butt if I failed after all. I won't know for 4 weeks though since it was paper and pencil rather than the computer where I would have known by tomorrow. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

I hope everyone's week starts off well today! Mine is going to be pretty sad because Brian is back out of town, this time for work until Wednesday. I have an NBRW luncheon today though and Bible Study this evening and it's back to work tomorrow. Menu plan and questions part 2 to come later today or tomorrow!


Neely said...

im still gunning for the mac book so we can skype! glad you did well on your test :)

Alissa said...

Wow you are full of some serious stories girly! I like your clause to guests visiting to keep their shoes on. Haha.

Head Neatherer said...

I'm sure you did good on your test! :) and yes - ceiling fans are so very important in Texas during the summer time! Hope the puppy's sweet little pads stay glass free!