Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend Recap

Yes, I realize we're about to enter another weekend and I haven't so much as mentioned the last two! Here's a picture recap of some of what's been going on around here lately.

First off, Stefanie's birthday party. We watched the Big 12 Championship, played beer pong and ate pizza. It was great! Of course, being a Thursday I had to head out early, I think they partied much later that night.

Next up, Cheryl's baby shower. It was a very laid back soiree with just the ladies of our Bible Study group. We had lasagna and cheese cake and a wonderful time equipping Cheryl with the fun things she'll need to take care of Lilly. She's due any day now! The other babies in attendence stole the show of course!

Then we went to Houston for Erin and Jared's wedding. Erin was a beautiful bride and I love her dress! They had a very short but meaningful ceremony followed by a totally fun reception! We danced more than we've ever danced before with the exception of our own wedding. Dr. Scholl's high heel inserts made it possible. I totally recommend those things!! I got to re-wear my rehearsal dinner dress which I just love! And we stayed in the romantic Magnolia hotel which was just gorgeous with a wide open view of downtown. There was brunch the following morning and I was honored by all the photos Erin and I had together in the slide show. It brought back lovely memories.

Then last weekend, Stefanie and I got together for quality girl time! I headed into Austin to meet her and we went to brunch like we used to do way more. We went to the Magnolia Cafe (no relation to the hotel, but an Austin landmark). Sadly, I didn't take any pictures. After brunch Stefanie tricked me into walking off my eggs Benedict at Town Lake. The trail she said would take 45 minutes was about an hour and a half but that's probably good for my lazy butt. Ignore my geeky exercise clothes, it was freezing and I'm generally not prepared for that.

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The Ratpack said...

I LOVE that dress Erin! It looks amazing on you!