Saturday, February 20, 2010

He said, She said

I saw that Brittany from Sweet, Sassy and Oh So Classy took this cute survey with her hubs (after seeing it at another blog) and I decided I wanted to play this game too. I emailed Brian at work and he was happy to play along. So here we have a few coupledom questions along with a little he said, she said. BTW: he has a much better memory than I do, so I'd trust his answers about the start of our relationship more than mine.

What couple from a movie or TV show are you most like?:

He said: Phil and Claire Dunphy from Modern Family...they both try to be cool, but are lame in their own way; they're completely in love with each other anyway.

She said: The Griswolds

Do you have a song?:


Yes we do. We picked it early on to dance to at our wedding

What is it?:

Have I Told you Lately by Van Morrison

Have I Told You Lately, the Van Morrison version

First movie you saw together in the theatre:

Well, it would have to be in College Station, and the first movie I remember seeing with her there was the 9/11 I guess that one

Oh I’m not sure. We watched Grandma’s Boy at my condo first. It was so horrible.

Who said I Love You first?

She did

I think he did. It might have been at the pool.

Where do you eat out at most as a couple?

Fork and Spoon Cafe

We go to Fork and Spoon a lot, including this Valentine’s day, but we try not to go to the same place over and over because there are so many options

Who is better at handling money?

I would say me, but she is showing to be vastly superior in that department....

He is, but I’m getting a lot better.

What was the first meal that your wife ever cooked for you?

As wife, possibly the home made potato chips that almost caught our new house on fire
Before we even started dating, she made chicken wings...and at that time I hated chicken wings...

I don’t know what the first thing I cooked him was. He made me balsamic chicken and potatoes napoleon and green beans at the duplex.

If your spouse was a cartoon character which one would he/she be?

Ariel from the Little Mermaid. I had it big time for her when I was in pre-school

Elmer Fudd hehe. I only picked that because he goes hunting, but there’s a pretty good chance that Brian will be bald like him before too long! On second thought, let go with Prince Valiant.

How many boyfriends/girlfriends did your spouse have before you?


Maybe 3 or 4. He dated a few more but I think there was only one long term girlfriend before me.

What is your idea of a perfect date?

Spending time in the sun near/on some water with boats or river tubes

Something low-key with really good food involved.

What physical feature first attracted you to your spouse?

The freckles on her nose

His height. I like tall men

Where was your first date?

Cafe Capri

Well we were inseperable from the first day we met so it’s hard to pick, but CafĂ© Capri was probably our first nice date where we actually went somewhere

What is your spouses favorite show?

Project Runway

He really likes Modern Family, but Project Runway and The Dish are in the top 5. He won’t admit that though.

What is your favorite show?

Modern Family or The Middle

I like everything on ABC, I’ll have to put Grey’s Anatomy as number 1 for now

What is your dating anniversary?

Last week in July

July 19th or 20th 2006

If you could go anywhere on a second honeymoon, where would you go?

Back to Playa

Greece! We talked about going there for our first honeymoon but who can afford that? And we loved Mexico.

What surprised you about your spouse after marriage?

How great of a cook she is (pay no mind to the above flaming potato chips...that was me. Haha)

That his interests keep changing! He goes all-in with his hobbies and it drives me nuts sometimes to keep up. He’ll say “I’ve always wanted a _______” and then three months later “_________ is his dream since childhood” I thought I knew all about him, I just didn't know he'd keep changing!

What's the best thing about being married to your spouse?

Her being there everyday

that I know I can count on him going on loving me forever and I can love him back with abandon.

Let's go ahead and set the record straight, he was completely responsible for the potato chip fire, and he had purchased the chicken wings to be cooked that day (the day we met) I was just helping out.

So there you have it. How would you and your partner do?


Chloe said...

I love this too. I'm thinking of doing it (if my husband cooperates), and link it to your blog.

Becca said...

How funny to see the differences in your answers!
Visiting from Texas Blogging Gals! Love your blog! Please visit me for a fun giveaway!


Neely said...

Erin this was so cute. So fun to read about you guys :)

CC said...

Hi Erin..
I loved this little..He remembers..She was ever so sweet, to the potato chip fire,stay with your story girl.This was such a sweet post,it just made me smile. I'm out visiting via Texas Bloggin's a few of us..

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I think I go with the Modern Family. It's a very clever comedy. It rates with Big Bang!