Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Look what showed up in my inbox!

Is that not the most wonderful surprise? When I was at her house at Christmas, my awesome aunt had her January Southern Living laying around and she let me take it home to have the Hoppin John recipe that was featured. We talked about how much we each love Southern Living especially for the recipes but also for travel features and gardening suggestions and beautiful pictures of southern homes. And today I checked my email to find my own subscription! I'm pretty pumped about it.

Do you read Southern Living? If not, what are your favorite magazines?

I have subscriptions to Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living. I know that's kind of overload but the kids in my neighborhood were doing a fundraiser and I couldn't help it. I donate most of them to the nail salon when I'm done.


New Mommy!!! said...

Wow!! Great gift!! My mom gets that mag, it's great!! Enjoy!!

Love your blog!!

Kassie said...

What a fun gift! I love Southern Living!