Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finally February Daybook

Outside my window...rain, rain, go away don't come back again till it's at least 80* out
I am thinking...about the trip I need to make to the Post Office and how I'd rather not do it in the rain
I am thankful for... everything bagels with cream cheese! yum
I am wearing... purple cashmere turtleneck with pink tank layered underneath, black and white herringbone cropped pants, and black knee boots. It does go, even if it sounds weird
I am from past Valentines days and thinking about what we might do this year
I am going... no where this weekend! How refreshing!
I am currently reading...2 Kings.
I am hoping... that Melissa will like the swap package I'm sending
On my mind... what kind of society looks to a garden pest to tell us what season it is? How outdated, unscientific, irrelevant... I might sing a different tune if that groundhog had said Spring was almost here
Noticing that...Facebook was easier when it was just college kids. Did you know I was number 203 from A&M to join? Not that I want to give my account up now that I've graduated
Pondering these words... Love is Patient. I always brushed off 1 Corinthians 13 because I've heard it soooo many times, but it doesn't mean I was living it yet. God was talking back to me at Mass this Sunday and its high time I listened
From the kitchen... baked spaghetti tonight. The quiche last night was amazing and I have some left over for lunch
Around the house... some intensive dog training going on. Not that it's working yet. I'll post about that today.
One of my favorite things... dry erase markers in unconventional colors
From my picture journal...
my love and me. I know it's not a great picture, but it's recent and it was a very good day!

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Neely said...

awww I like this!

Diana said...

Cute pic!

Thanks for joining in with us other Texas gals. I'll get you on the next update!

Come back to my main blog and see me!

Texas Playwright Chick said...

What are you talking about - it's a great picture! Clearly, a wonderful day.