Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding Wednesday- Veils

I'm back in the land of the living today, soaking up this glorious weather and not feeling quite so sick. The last few days I've stayed home and done virtually nothing, but today you can just call me Mrs. Productivity! I would have posted much earlier but Brian is telecommuting today and has been bogarting the computer.

Well, I came across Courtney's blog One Fine Wire and got a little bit excited about the linky she has going on today and every Wednesday where bloggers share some aspect of their wedding with their readers. This week's topic is veils. I know that's kind of a funny place for me to jump in having told you very little about my wedding up till now, but it seems to have been going on for quite a while and I'm the newcomer, so I'll just pick it right up and start talking about my wedding veil. I loved it!

Before I even started dress shopping, I knew I would wear a veil. I wasn't sure what type though. My favorite is a mantilla veil, but I wasn't really drawn to dresses that looked right with that type of veil. Birdcage seem to be all the rage, but they're a little too mod for me. I knew I'd have something a little simpler. I tried on several once I had chose my dress and loved the look of the super-long cathedral length. I had quite a long train and ended up getting the veil specifically made for me so that it would trail a few inches past the end of the dress. I got married in a very beautiful church and it was a pretty formal event so I felt justified with it.

The seamstress that did my alterations explained the difference between what I was wearing and a veil. A veil, by definition covers the face. The kind that just goes in the back she said are called illusions and are supposed to soften the silhouette of the wearer. I still call it my veil, but there you have it. There were no embellishments on it as I had some crystal beads on my dress and didn't want to go overboard. It perfectly served it's purpose. I loved my look from behind in that beautiful church, and in the pictures and I took it off before the reception. It wasn't heavy at all but it would have been impossible to dance with and my dress got stepped on plenty. No need for something pulling on my head all night. Well, that's probably enough of an explanation for you. Here are some pictures so you can see what I mean.

Trying it on in the store. Unfortunately we were testing out the bustle in the same pic so you can't see the pretty effect of both trains.

This is my hair trial, making sure that the veil would work. We pinned it on top of the up-do.
Putting the veil on. That's Kaye, my hairdresser, and don't get me wrong, I have known her since I was a kid and I love her, but where are my mom and bridesmaids? Shouldn't they be doing that, at least for the pictures?
Yes, that's pretty much the drama I was going for. Please ignore those flowers, they're not mine. Don't even get me started.
The veil in action. That's my proud papa trying not to cry. We were the Eucharistic Ministers of the cup.
The veil pretty much made my "bridal portraits" I think!

Whew! Who knew there was so much to say about a veil? I plan to chime in next week with some other detail about the wedding. I hope you enjoy this feature!


d.a.r. said...

Gorgeous!!! I loved my veil, too :)

Those bridal portraits are beeeeeeyooootiful!

Chloe said...

Wow! I love that veil! It's beautiful! I'd wear something like that if I weren't planning on a beach wedding.

Juggling Thoughts said...

WOO HOO! Thanks so much for linking up today! Your dress and veil are absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait for the Wedding Wednesday where we talk about photographers, I want to know about yours!

Glad to have you as a follower...I'm your newest!

Thanks again, girl :)

Anonymous said...

Great Veil, great dress, Perfect Bride!

The Ratpack said...

Absolutely beautiful wedding, dress, and bride!!