Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the post thtat isn't much of a post

Just checking in to say that I'm sorry I haven't updated in a little while. My breaks at work have been getting taken up to do useful things, and I'm fighting a monster cough, but still, I shouldn't neglect my few but faithful readers.
I want to tell you all about my successful shopping trip, how Brian and I spent our long weekend, my plans for lent, and maybe a few other random things, but for now I'll just wish you a holy Ash Wednesday. Here's a hug for those of you in fasting and a high five for others feeling self-conscious with ashes on your head. May the start of this Lenten season bear fruit in your relationship with Christ!


d.a.r. said...

Haha, love the collage! I definitely got a few weird looks at work today. One of the older partners at my law firm told me that I shouldn't be changing my tire in a skirt and I should have asked for help...!

Andrea said...

Hey girl! Just stopping in from Texas Blogging Gals! I'm wearing the ashes. Stop by and visit. I posted some verses for this first week of Lent today!