Saturday, February 27, 2010

Valentine's Weekend Recap - Friday

Yes, like just about all my weekend recap posts, this one comes in way overdue. I figured I'd better throw it in before we're out of February completely. It's just that so much good stuff happened, I had to share it with you. I wrote the whole thing out and decided it was ridiculously too long so you'll be getting three posts instead of one. I completely understand if you choose not to read the whole thing.

This had very little to do with Valentine's day and much more to do with the fact that Presidents' Day also fell this weekend. I had mentioned a few times on here about how badly I needed pants that actually fit. All of mine start out long enough then keep shrinking and shrinking until I can only wear them with flats or worse, they start garnering comments about floods a'comin. I never really have any problem with shrinking around the waist or hips though, and if they're tight I know it's all my fault. So Friday afternoon, as soon as I got off work I went shopping. First I bought Brian's Valentine's present, but I'll talk about that in a minute. From there I went to the outlet malls I pass every single day (oh, the temptation!) I worked at J.Crew for a year and a half and still do sometimes so I get a discount there. But I always shop at J.Crew and their pants are the worst about shrinking. So I skipped it at first and went to Banana Republic to start off. Of course they were offering a President's Day sale and everything was 50% off! I got two pairs of perfectly fitting khaki dress pants one regular to wear with flats, and one long for heels. Plus a pretty teal sweater that was on clearance plus another 50% off. I tried on several pretty winter dresses, but resisted the temptation to buy. Next, I headed over to Ann Taylor where I struck out on pants but found a very pretty satiny blouse in blues and teals, and a denim pencil skirt that was actually long enough on me for work! Both 50% off again. After that I was about ready to be done, but J.Crew is right next door and I might as well stop in to see my friends right? Well my favorite manager was there and told me she's engaged! yay! Her wedding is going to be georg and also that clearance was an additional 75% off for employees! OMG! That makes stuff just about free. I'm talking I could just try it on and then throw it away and still get my money's worth. I thought I'd struck gold! Now J.Crew has a pretty specific policy about employees not blogging about them, but I'm not saying anything secretive here, just how awesome it is to work for them, so don't go telling on me. I found a pair of black minnie pants, a pink camp shirt, 3 scoopneck painter's tees (I should have bought 12, I love these things so much), a pink ruffle tee, and a pink perfect fit tank (that's not in the picture because I'm wearing it right now). Here's my haul.

I'm sorry I'm such a crappy photographer.

So I called Brian and started listing off everything I got and he's such a buzz kill, you know, because the first thing out of his mouth is of course "how much." Does your husband do that? So I told him to guess. He was supposed to guess like $300, because all that stuff is worth way more, but you know what he says? What would you have said? He guesses $150, which makes my super awesome deal of about $170 for everything not sound so great. But it is, right?

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