Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - languages

'I wish' .... I was fluent in another language in addition to English, and it would be Spanish or Hungarian!

Spanish would certainly be the most reasonable language to choose. I do live in Tejas after all! At one point in high school I was actually quite good at Spanish, just too timid to use it outside of school. Thus, my fluency dropped to the minimum and I've tried briefly a few times since then to get it back. During our honeymoon in Mexico Brian and I often spoke Spanish to each other and to the waiters and staff at the resort. I think they compliment you out of service much more than any real speaking talent we showed. It was fun to be known as Sra. Jork the first week of my life as Mrs. York. Often for memory's sake Brian and I will immitate the hosts at our favorite restaurant. Their welcome went just like this each time we visited "Hola Meester and Meesus Jork. Welcome to Yo-Yos (Jo-Jos). Enyoy!"

If there were any other language I would like to be able to speak it would be Hungarian, or Magyar. My godparents are Hungarian and were a wonderful part of my upbringing. They came here as adults so they spoke the language and had many Hungarian friends who I had the pleasure of meeting. My Godmama was also a really good cook and would make lots of Hungarian dishes which I loved! They taught me a few words in Hungarian that I remember. Unfortunately they aren't the most useful ones as I learned primarily on dog walks we would take together. Good luck communicating with someone of another culture when all you can do is command them to sit and heel! I also know the word for delicious (finom) which actually does come in handy. They have since moved back to Hungary and I miss them often. Maybe we'll be able to visit some day.


Neely said...

WE should learn how to speak the same foreign language and then talk about people...especially while getting pedicures ;-)

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Hi Erin! Thanks for commenting on my blog! It hurts me to say this-but a year is nothing to sneeze at. We started getting help after only seven months and now I wish we had started even sooner. I don't say this to scare you or make you worry, only so that you know any sorrow or pain you may feel is totally legitimate! Even just one month hurts.

Ok-I'll butt out, don't want to be nosey. But email me if you ever want to chat. Do you know Derrick in real life??

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Spanish would make the most sense, but how cool to know Hungarian!