Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sing-Along Sunday Mother's Day Edition

Happy Sunday! And Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are moms and your mommas too. Today I thought it would be nice for anyone who decides to link up and play along this week to post a song that reminds you of your mom or maybe her favorite song rather than any one that's running through your head.
Today I'll be going in to San Antonio to be with Brian's mom and his Granny and they are great women. I'm so happy to have them as second moms to me now. I'll be missing my mom but I can't wait to get to see her again. The rest of this post is for her!

For my mom, I'm playing You'll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins.

Is this song cheesy? You bet! But if you can't be cheesy on Mother's Day, when can you? The reason I chose it though is because it was my solo song in high school dance team. Pretty weak connection to Mother's Day, right? But every time I hear it I don't think about performing it in competition, I think about my mom watching me to practice and helping to choreograph it. I think of the many many hours she spent driving me to and from Dolls events and practice, supporting me in my love for dance that she also had. She pushed me to do my best in everything I was involved in, and it was quite a lot! She loved me through a lot of the pain and frustration I went through during those high school and middle school tough years even if we fought sometimes.

I think about things before that too, like how she took me to every single fun, educational thing you could take kids to within a hundred miles of our house. She taught my Sunday School class for years and took the mother's day out group on field trips galore! She played with my dolls with me and gave all of them voices, and a personality that they retain today. She walked with me and our dog Mandy to school every day in addition to walks along the bayou, walks to the park, walks in nature ares. Lots of walking with that woman, still is! I was such a well loved child! Even though I desperately wanted brothers and sisters my mom (and dad) loved me and paid so much attention to me and were so involved in my life that looking back I'm not sure it would have worked to have more kids around!

I also think about now. How my mom and I laugh when we say things in unison because we do, all the time. How whenever I call the first thing she asks is "are you ok" because she has that silly alarm ring tone set for me. I'm becoming more and more like her and I'm so glad about that! I love our relationship now. We have so much fun when she comes to visit, and she encourages me in my marriage and gives me advice but respects my opinions too.

Today I want to repay a compliment that she gave me before. Mom, even if you weren't my mom I would want to be your friend. You are that special to me. I love you so much! Happy Mother's Day!

If you have a mom you want to post a song for, please go ahead and link up! And have a very happy Mother's Day!


Andrea said...

Girl,you made me cry!! I hope my kids would want to be my friend too! What a great post for your mom. You are both so lucky to have each other and what great memories you have. I'm sure your mom sees you as such a great blessing!

Neely said...

awww I love that song and what you wrote! So sweet. Hey you reached 100 followers!!!

Annabel Manners said...

What a lovely tribute! xoxo

allie-mac-fallie said...

okay first of all, love that song!
and i hope you know you just made your mom cry :) ha! that was a wonderful post and very true, you have a wonderful mamma! (you can even told her i said so ;) hah!) love you girl!
sorry I didnt link up... I just couldnt think of any song except for "take the shackles off my feet so I can dance..." and I dont know if that is appropriate hahah

Anonymous said...

Well I just read the Mother's Day Post today after school because your dad forgot to tell me to look yesterday. He did however admit that he forgot. Pretty good. Erin everytime I listen to that song on the radio I think of only you. You will always be with me even when I am no longer here. I pray for you always and love you unconditionally. You are the superlative joy of being a mother! Thank you so much.

Diana said...

Great post!