Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sing-Along Sunday - feels like Summer to me!

Sorry I got this up so late. I hope you'll play along by posting the song (or three) that make you feel like Summer. I'm holding back any that are about Summer specifically for a later edition. But these just have that feel for me, you know? What songs sing Summer for you?

It was tough not to put 10 up here. I'd better get to work on a playlist. I can't wait to hear what you're singing now that Summer is (almost) here! Go ahead and link up to your post.


Erin said...

Derrick commented before about how when I post videos you don't see the whole thing. I tried changing that but was unsuccessful. Advice?

Neely said...

I love me some Sophie B Hawkins...Damn I wish i was your lover came on the radio the other day and I was def belting it out :)

littledaisymay said...

Now I'm going to have all these songs stuck in my head :)