Saturday, May 8, 2010

Six Senses Saturday

Right Now I'm...

Sweet tea and a pack of
Lance whole grain with cheddar cheese crackers.

The dryer going - so fresh, so clean!
Does anyone else have their computer in the laundry room?
I'd love to think I'm not the only one on this.

A rather dreary day forming.
Today was supposed to be a floating day, or at least a sailing day
but it's in the 60s after a week of 90s.

I Just Want to Make Love To You - Etta James
I just read about from my new Real Simple magazine.
I love it! I'm on the Spring Cleaning play list right now for a little inspiration.

My smooth legs! I've been using the Jergen's lotion with the gradual tanner
that's supposed to put a hold on stubble. I think it's working.

Rather peaceful know I have the house to myself for a while.
Brian just headed out to help a friend with his boat.

What are your senses doing today?

Head over to The World is My Oyster with Julia and play along today!

Then play with me tomorrow for Sing Along Sunday for a special Mother's Day edition.


Mrs. G said...

How big is your laundry room? I wouldn't be able to sit in there with my comp. =]
Plus, what's the name of that lotion?? I need to try it! Gradually tanning, PLUS holding off stubble?! AMAZING!

Neely said...

Im gonna have to try the jergens!