Friday, May 14, 2010

Fuming Fridays

This Friday, I'm fuming about TV writers. Sometimes they can be so dumb, you know? I'm not even really talking about the time they went on strike for a whole freaking season, the deadbeats! But when they are working, sometimes they do the dumbest things! I just found out from Neely that something awful happened on Private Practice last night that isn't at all how I would have the show go. And who is responsible for putting Preston in a mustache for a few weeks? Every time I watched Desperate Housewives I vomited a little. G-ross! Thank heaven it's shaved now.

Also, my favorite show in the whole world for like 3 years, Weeds, has gone to pot (pun-intended)! What used to be a hilariously snarky show about a drug dealing soccer mom has just gone off the deep end (totally lousy show) and become about this sleazy chick who is in way over her head with slimeballs. I don't even want to watch next season. And how many times have you shouted at the tv or wanted to cry because your favorite characters end up with the wrong guy?

There are so many shows that are cancelled way too soon (Jericho, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me) and others that just drag on for WAY TOO LONG (Lost, Prison Break, South Park, American Idol). Sorry if those are your faves, it's just my opinion. I am sure I have zero talent as a TV show writer, but quite often I feel like I could do a much better job.

So that's my rant today! Glad to have that off my chest!


Annabel Manners said...

LOL, that mustache on Preston was the silliest thing ever. I don't watch Weeds but I've heard other people complaining about the same thing!

Neely said...

I was hoping they'd kill violet off PP if anyone...agree about American Idol and seriously the last 2 seasons of weeds SUCKED! But I still watch :)

Hope Chella said...

You are right on and that stasche is disgusting!!!

Have a great weekend =)

littledaisymay said...

That mustache was horrible! I'm so glad he finally shaved it!

Jen said...

Girl, it's like you read my mind! What's up with these writers? And Weeds, my most fave show, might not be my favorite show this season. I'm almost afraid to see how those writers are going to mess it up this season! Yikes!!