Friday, May 21, 2010

Fuming Fridays

I'm fuming because this is the house where flowers come to die. Our veggie garden is doing just fine but every attempt we've made at flowers has been an utter failure. Everything is shaded in our yard except the one spot on the side where the veggies went in. It upsets me because I actually do care a lot about gardening and making the house pretty. Our house has ZERO curb appeal on it's own and I thought for sure a rose bed would brighten things up. Our neighbors have knockout roses that look pretty much like this. They grow like this all over the place
what happened when we spent $150 and a couple days trying to get roses? This:

Exhibit B is our dweeby looking oleanders that came with the place. Partially thriving, partially dead as a door nail

Exhibit C: This plant used to be a Pinta. It was bright and beautiful when it came but it may have been left in the cold.

Since this is the first house I've really attempted much gardening I'm going to blame it on the place and not us. My parents have a gorgeous yard, Brian's parents have. We ought to be able to do this. I think I'm going to try once more with some Summer hardy flowers in the new bed that's fixin to be empty and if that doesn't work I quit until we move! Because this pitiful plant routine has me fuming!


Neely said...

I agree must be the place :)

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Your post made me laugh! I'm not new to gardening, but I am new to gardening in Southern Texas. I totally agree that it's NOT you, it's the place.
Patricia :o)