Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday 5

Post 5 things that have made you





I haven't needed this exercise so much in quite some time! The truth is, I don't feel happy, jubilant, etc right now. I feel rather down in the dumps and lethargic right now. No one thing is causing it, but that's just how it is today. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on everyone's blogs, I didn't have any nice words ready, but hopefully things will turn around tomorrow and I have been reading, just so you know. So in an effort to bring about a change in attitude, I'm posting happy thoughts anyway.

1. I heard a new bird song I didn't recognize in the backyard. I couldn't see the bird, but it was really beautiful and hopefully he'll come around again.

2. Brian got the Coast Guard job he was hoping they would create for him in Port Aransas and found out a date that basic training would begin, August 30th. That brings his departure into the realm of reality, but eases the uncertainty. I'm so very happy for him.

3. I'm wearing a newish green and white stripe summer dress and I feel very pretty in it!

4. There's a party this weekend, hosted by Brian's uncle for the moms in his family. Even though I'll miss my own mom very much for Mother's Day, it will be fun to celebrate with these new mothers I've married into.

5. We had so much fun at Wein and Saengerfest last weekend, jubilation even! And we picked up a really great bottle of wine there which I plan to suggest opening this evening.


Neely said...

Im sorry you're down in the dumps friend. I love you! Feel better!!!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Sometimes things like this come around at just the right time and force us to look past what has us down so we can see all the good in our lives.

Congrats to Brian on the CG job! You have a great happy list and I hope you're feeling that way again soon! :)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I love your number three. I love feeling confident and pretty!

Jenni said...

Stopping by from Thursday Five, yay for feeling pretty! It's a great feeling! :)

MannMom3 said...

Sorry you're feeling down..It's not always easy for me to find 5 things either..

You did great though..and seriously..there's nothing like a new dress to make you feel pretty..

Congrats to your hus on the CG job..