Friday, May 28, 2010

Fuming Fridays

My most awesomest blog friend, Neely, is hosting Fuming Fridays again today! If you have anything you'd like to complain/rant/b*tch about, now is your chance! I have just a few little things.

  1. First thing I saw when I woke up this morning, on my birthday, was a big ugly roach on the wall across from us. I had to wake Brian up and get him to kill it. I hadn't seen one in the house since last Summer and I guess they're coming back again. G-ross!
  2. My bestie, Allie, and her hubby were supposed to come visit and play this weekend, but Karl's dummy boss is making him work and so I don't get to play with my friends. Major bummer!
  3. Brian and I already fought this morning and about something stupider than stupid, a hypothetical ice chest rack (yes, seriously) on a hypothetical FJ Cruiser. We honestly can not have a conversation about cars without it turning into an argument. How ridiculous, right? We worked it out and hopefully it'll be different next time.
  4. I had to move all the furniture out from the rooms it belongs in and stuff it into the guest room so I could have the carpets and couches cleaned on Wednesday. The carpet is dry now but everything is still in there. I sat on one chair that did not get cleaned for the last couple days. Now we have to drag it all back out because three generations of Brian's family may be in that room this weekend, since our other guests won't be.
  5. The only bakery in town refused to make a pink cake for me. They insisted that the only two flavors they have are chocolate and vanilla and wouldn't even consider putting food coloring in there. I hope the icing is pretty at least!
ok, yep, I feel a little better now. Go link up like me! It's the cool thing to do.

And also enter my giveaway. Otherwise, Neely wins by default.


Neely said...

LOL "otherwise Neely wins by default" yes because thats the only way I will ever win a giveaway!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm gonna have to get some carnations too! They come in such wonderful colors and they are just such a perky and happy flower!

Carrie said...

Woah! Hope you have a good weekend.

EL said...

Roach yuck! Bummer about #2&4 :( Oh and hypothetical fights are the best!(not) me and my boyfriend have them all the time mostly I'll ask him "what would you do if" and then not like his answer lol. Hope your having a great birthday though!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I'm new. I hate roaches. I just saw that FJ Cruiser & love it. Does it have a cooler rack? And what kind of bakery doesn't make pink cake!?! Hope you had a happy birthday!