Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have a conundrum

I can't decide what to do this evening. I have two real options and I'd love your help in deciding what to do.

Option 1: Hurry home after school, feed the dogs, then turn around and head into Austin to see LAURA BUSH speak about her new memoir Spoken from the Heart.

  • It's Laura Bush and I admire her greatly and have heard that she's an excellent speaker from other people who have gone to her readings.
  • I would get a copy of her book. Signed if I'm fast enough.
  • I would be doing exciting things even when Brian isn't here.


  • Tickets are $35 and I don't have one yet, so I'd have to figure that out.
  • My dogs wouldn't be getting my attention.
  • I'd be rushing around all afternoon and that's not usually fun.
  • I'd be alone.

Option 2: Go home and relax. Take the dogs on a walk. Pick up all the furniture so the carpets can get cleaned tomorrow. Eat a nutritious dinner. Blog. Make phone calls. Watch Glee and Dancing With the Stars.


  • I would be relaxed and not rushing which is great. And there's something very pleasant about being home alone every now and then.
  • Those are all things that need to get done anyway.
  • The rest of my week might run more smoothly if I spent some time this evening getting organized.


  • I might not be responsible about my evening in and end up just watching tv and eating cereal out of the box.
  • How is this different than what I do most days? Not exactly carpe diem.
  • I'd miss an opportunity (even if it might not be once in a lifetime) to gain wisdom from a good woman.

I really might go with the plan that gets the most votes over the next few hours since I can't seem to decide on my own. So please comment and let me know what you would do, or what I should do, if they're different.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

My vote is for Laura Bush - that opportunity doesn't come around every day!

Neely said...

I vote for option two because im selfish and I want to talk to my bff

Jess said...

Laura Bush...this may be the only chance you ever get to see her!! I always try to say "yes" to as many things as possible (like the movie), so I can't ever regret NOT doing something...Have fun whatever you do!

Marla.z said...

Ah, yes, Laura's actually speaking at my church tonight. I'll be at the movies instead. Too bad bc I could have met up with you. :(

I vote you should do that tonight (Laura, not the movies, just to clarify).

Andrea said...

Go see Laura Bush! Carpe diem!

Jen said...

Are you talking about Laura Bush being on Opera? I already watched that a couple of weeks ago! Go with Option 2!!!

Carrie said...

Go see Laura Bush. No question.

EL said...

I hate making decisions so I'm really not here to help ;) lol but I get so stressed out being rushed somewhere, I'd probably go with option 2! Have a good Tuesday however you spend it! :)

Hope Chella said...

Erin-Go see her!!! and I agree about playing dress up in my fairy tale tree house :)

becca said...

very tough decision. you can't go wrong either way. if you don't go, you could always add her book to your summer reading list. :)

Alissa said...

Haha what did you decide? I think I would have with Laura, how often does that come along?

Kassie said...

This is obviously late, but I would have to vote to go see her, just because I'm jealous!! I LOVE Laura Bush, and any opportunity I would take, no matter the lack of sleep. hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

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