Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am so uncool

Do you ever walk around all confident thinking you look great only to glance in a mirror and find out it's all gone awry and you're a mess? That's me today. I'm wearing my cute tan and white seersucker dress with a Jacki Cardi on top and a funky belt on the outside of my sweater like all the mannequins do. My hair is doing what I asked it to, my shoes are current. I'm making a point to really tailor today's lesson about job applications and resumes to the kids and show them I know how it is to be applying for a first job and to colleges. But today these high schoolers are my mirror and as it turns out I'm not coming across at all like I thought I was.

Kid 1: Are you a mom?
I'm thinking that's a reasonable question and respond that no I don't have any kids yet.
Kid 1: Oh, cuz you seem really momish.

Kid 2: You remind me of someone.
Oh yeah? Who do I remind you of?
Kid 2: Mary Poppins. I don't really know what it is but you seem like Mary Poppins a lot.
Kid 3: Oh yeah I totally see that too, but it's ok because I like that movie.
Seriously? What about me says Mary Poppins to you?
Kid 4: I can't figure it out, but it's definitely there.

Couldn't someone, someday say I remind them of Maggie Gyllenhaal, Zooey Deschanel, Julianne Hough, anybody but a mom and Mary Poppins? Geez! I guess there's no sense filling my head with silly ideas like that.
No, Erin, you are not cute and put together, you are not cool.


Neely said...

while I gchat with you I must say...hahahaaha what dumb kids

Juggling Thoughts said...

I think you're cool! :)

littledaisymay said... say the funniest things!

Denise said...

Well I am SO a mom (an old one at that)cos I've never heard of those 3 names you mention but I do know Mary Poppins ;-)

EL said...

oh my gosh haahaha mary poppins?! umm ya zooey D woulda been a better one but hey what do kids know they say the most random things lol!

Mrs. G said...

That is really funny. I have totally thought I had the "messy, just got out of bed, but stylish" hair-do with a head band going on ... and then someone say "did you mean to do that?". -- FaIL.

Brittany said...

Oh my! I wonder where they got that. Too funny!! I'm sure you looked great, your outfit sounded adorable and stylish!

Kassie said...

haha, too funny! Kids are too cute. I have polar opposite problems: people either say I look like an old library lady/soccer mom from my clothes, or I look like a middle schooler. Apparently I have no fashion sense. :)

Erin said...

Were they boys??

If so, they probably just think you're hot and are disappointed you wear clothes that aren't more revealing..

Head Neatherer said...

I think you are cool - you can sit with me at lunch if you want! We can be mom-mary-poppinsish together! I think Mary Poppins is very cool! Doesn't everyone want a bag like hers? Don't we all need a giant lamp and a tape measure at some point in our lives!?

Phone Home Designs by ET said...

You make me laugh! I'm sure you looked fab, I was thinking of trying out the belt over the cardigan over the dress outfit too! I think they said that because Mary Poppins was the only thing on TV the other night cuz I watched it :D