Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Wednesday-Centerpieces

Before my wedding I had started to collect milk glass and I knew I wanted to gather up enough pieces to make centerpieces at my wedding. Most of it I got off of ebay and some from this famous wedding blogger that she had used at her own wedding. I wanted lush, frilly, English garden style flowers and that's exactly what I got! My flowers are my favorite part of my wedding, besides the getting married to my love part. This was my inspiration picture that I showed to my super-awesome floral designer, Erin McLarty of Eden's Echo. She did an awesome job recreating it with the flowers that could survive Texas in July. She blogged about my wedding here. I went to the studio where she was working and we had a trial that came out like this.Gorgeous right? I'm talking about the flowers of course, not me. I look like a mess! The plan was to have three different types of centerpieces one would be a single large arrangement with several votive candles surrounding it. The second would be a cluster of three smaller arrangements in varying heights with fewer votives. And the third would be a big heap of flowers in kind of a ring around a pillar candle. I used navy overlays from a different vendor and the mirror circles that came with the hotel. Following are a few shots that show the centerpieces in action. While we mingle and such.I wish I had more clear pictures of the flowers like this one because they really were stunning and exactly what I hoped for. Also appearing in the tablescapes are the table numbers on cards I bought on clearance from Boatman Geller and had my maid of honor write the table numbers on in her calligraphy.

This is one of the mound with candle examples.
And this one is the cluster example.

I love those Bells of Ireland shining there! That what the altar flowers were mostly except that they didn't make it to the altar and instead we had all those carnations and daisies provided by the church you've seen in all of my other wedding pictures.

It looks like my guests were enjoying themselves, no? What do you think about my centerpieces?


Juggling Thoughts said...

Thanks so much for joining this week! Your centerpieces are gorgeous!! :)

Rebekah said...

Thanks for visiting! I love your flowers. They are gorgeous.

Erin said...

Those are beautiful!

erin.mclarty said...

I really did love your wedding flowers! It's such a shame there aren't clear pictures, but this is still more than I had before! :) The Bells of Ireland are so nice and I was unable to find who to talk to about swapping out the carnations that were up there. :/ But I'm glad you were happy with everything else, and your guests really did have a fabulous time!!! :) You were great to work with. :)