Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Something Blue

The theme this week is actually Unity candles vs sand. I didn't want to sit out this week for Wedding Wednesdays hosted by Courtney, but the truth is we didn't do either. We chose to plan our wedding in the most traditional, Catholic way possible, and this unity component isn't authentic to a Catholic wedding even though many people successfully incorporate it. We knew that the whole wedding Mass was full of tradition and symbolism and didn't feel we needed to add in any extra. The other reason we didn't have a unity candle (we had never considered sand) is that my mom was petrified of having to go up to the altar and light a candle. She gets pretty nervous about these things, and I had no intention of forcing it on her. We did incorporate our parents by asking them to bring up the gifts which would be used for communion, an offering for the poor, and a small bouquet of roses that we offered to Mary. That plan got a little botched thanks to a completely incompetent "coordinator." The roses were in the wrong spot and the check got left in the dressing room. But our parents did walk up together with the bread and wine which we appreciated even if Brian's parents (not Catholic) were a little baffled.

So instead, I backtracked to the Wedding Wednesday theme from 2 weeks ago which happened to be "Something Blue." We got married on the 4th of July and so as a nod to the patriotism of the day, we did something of a toned down red, white and blue color palette. We used navy, light blue and white as the main colors with deep red white and light pink in the flowers. It all turned out beautifully and there was blue all over! Leading up to the wedding I had been petitioning Brian for sapphires in my wedding band as a something blue, but the ring that he picked out just wasn't working, so we went for a simple, solid gold band instead. I did still have a something blue though in my shoes and garter both of which were blue and white seersucker.

Ok now that I've been through all of my pictures looking, I can't understand why there isn't a color picture of my shoes (I loved those shoes!) or one of my garter at all! Grrr...

Thank goodness Etsy keeps records! My garter was a special order, but was very similar to this one. It was pretty much the wider garter, with the smaller flower. I would definitely recommend that seller, she did a great job!

By the way I picked those up at Payless for $7. Yeah, that's how I roll! I'd be happy to let you use them for your something borrowed!


Juggling Thoughts said...

Thank you SO much for linking up! I wanted pink shoes actually, to match my bridesmaid dresses. But, I just couldn't find any that I liked.

Thanks again!

Sing Me Anything said...

I really want to see your shoes in color!!