Monday, January 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - We're headed over to the Eatons' place to play Wii and socialize. I hear they have a chocolate fountain which I'm pretty pumped about. I'm bringing Pizza Fondue to share.
Sidenote- the Eatons are expecting their first child (they announced last week) and we are so happy for them. With that announcement though, I'm the last of my local friends to not have a baby. I'm not old, but I am feeling left behind.
Tuesday - Beef Bourguignon. I was just going to do a plain ol pot roast in the slow cooker, but why not strap a fancy name to it instead and then boast about it on my blog?
Wednesday - the King Ranch Casserole that I never got around to last week because of roll-out at J.Crew
Thursday - Hungarian Layered Cabbage, using venison. I'll be using my Godmother's recipe, who is from Hungary and went back there a few years ago. I don't have the recipe near me but it is very similar to this one.
Friday - Ham (frozen from Christmas) rice stroganoff (just rice with the leftover sauce from last week that I froze) and cooked carrots.

I'd love to hear what yall are making too. If you've come across any recipes you think I should try, leave them in the comments. I'd like to try some new things next week. We like everything!


Leesie said...

Pizza fondue? Yum, I'm intrigued by this. I need to follow in your footsteps and start using our slow cooker. We actually have 2 that we got for wedding presents, but haven't used either.

Erin said...

I lurve my slow cookers! We have a really fabulous All-Clad one that my cousin gave us for our wedding that's big. A vintage standard sized Crock Pot from B's grandmother, and the one I used for the pizza fondue which turned out great is the Lil' Dipper. It is by far the cutest slow cooker you've seen!

Annabel Manners said...

Sounds delish! Here's a yummy weeknight recipe that's healthy and quick. Enjoy! :