Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 committments for 2010

1. Keep up with this blog! Here I am off to a great start; we're 5 days into the year and I'm just now peeking my head out.
2. Spend more time being grateful and satisfied with all that I have and less time talking about what more I want!
3. Be back down to wedding weight, at least, by our one year anniversary, and engagement weight by 2011. Love really packs on the pounds, don't you think?
4. Find a real job, something permanent, that requires a college degree at least! Bonus if it's something I actually studied.
5. Be a better wife according to God's plan. I'm not saying I'm a bad one, I just want to keep getting better.
6. Make a baby?
7. Learn to sew.
8. Find a place to volunteer on a consistent basis. I'm still a little put out that the animal shelter and Children's museum seem to not need anyone. But I miss giving of my time.
9. Watch all the Academy Award winners for Best Picture. Made easy by Netflix!
10. Call at least one person I love on the phone each week. Mom, Dad, and Brian don't count. I'm trying to reach out.

What are you trying to achieve this year? Anything you think I ought to add to my list?

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allie-mac-fallie said...

i didnt make any resolutions this year although i have toyed with the idea... i feel like every year that I make them i always break them so therefore i dont want to set myself up for failure ha!