Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekends away

This time last week Brian and I were at our good friends' house, Allie and Karl. Allie has been my best friend since middle school and was my beautiful bridesmaid this summer. We had been promising to come visit for months and just weren't able to make it happen until then. We had so much fun with them it really made me wish we had gotten together a couple more times since the wedding. We loved seeing their pretty house all decorated for Christmas, eating at a couple of great restaurants, doing some local shopping and visiting the Ice exhibit. Mostly though, we just loved seeing them! I would write more details about our time together, but Allie already did a wonderful job right here and since they are the only two likely to be reading this, I'll just add some pictures to her story.
Here's out hosts for the weekend at Cuba Libre in Dallas. that place was so good!

And the four of us waiting to go in to see Ice at the Gaylord Texan.

All bundled up in the parkas they gave us to wear

The sculptures were incredible, and it's all made out of ice!

The ice slide was lots of fun!

And the nativity scene, beautiful!
I absolutely recommend that you go if you get the chance!

I wish I had taken pictures of the other stuff we did last weekend! But I'll put the rest of what I do have on Facebook.
Now this weekend we're headed out again, this time in opposite directions. Brian left last night for the deer lease with his pop. They brought over a deep freeze for us yesterday and I was really excited, but please say a prayer that it's not instantly full of deer meat before I even get to stick a casserole in there.
I'm leaving in a few minutes for Sugar Land for a wedding shower for my friend Erin and to hang out with my parents. Erin and I were great friends when we were little kids but probably have more in common now than ever before. We were referred to as Erin Rachel and Erin Cecelia for our first several years being that our moms were best friends and chose matching names for their daughters. It'll be great to see her this weekend and attend her wedding in January. I'll write details when I get back.


allie-mac-fallie said...

Awe thanks for this post, i love you so much and wish u were HERE so we could hang out and be wifeys together ALL THE TIME ha!

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