Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weekend recap, oh about 4 days late

As you know I headed into Sugar Land, my hometown, on Saturday. I got there early in the day so there was plenty of time for momma and me to hang out. We had lunch at Potbelly's where they had a girl on a guitar singing Christmas and other songs. I hadn't expected live music at the sandwich shop but it was nice. Then we did some shopping at Pottery Barn (new throw pillows and ornaments), Macy's (where we got cute Christmas shirts for $7!), Williams-Sonoma (attachments for my Kitchen aid), The Texas Store (more ornaments), and Coldwater Creek.

My mom bought me a pair of jeans at Coldwater Creek that are the same as what she wears. She swears by them, how well the fit, the perfect amount of stretch, etc. She and I are shaped totally differently but she insisted that I try them on. I really do think they fit great. They're the City jeans if you want to go check them out. I'm having a little mental block over the fact that it's Coldwater Creek though. Aren't I too young to wear that brand? Sure, they have adorable stuff, but I feel like I need to be at least 10 years older before I wear anything besides their jewelry. Am I right or should I get over it?

After shopping we ran some other errands and finished off at the nail salon for pedicures. I love the color I got! I'd tell you all what color it is, but I forgot. It was OPI. Anyone recognize that?
I talked a little bit about Erin Rachel in my post on Saturday. We grew up together doing ballet and swim team, and it was her shower that I went into town for. She's getting married on 1-23. I'm excited to be there! Here we are at my wedding. She did my makeup and did a great job, but I was in desperate need of touching up after dancing like crazy.
And my mom with all the Fickman kids.
Saturday evening we went over to Erin and Jared's house to meet up with her, her mom (one of my mom's very best friends) and a couple of her mom's other friends. It was a fun girls' night in with a semi-trad Hanukkah meal, lots of wine and wedding planning. Did you know that jelly donuts are tradition for Hanukkah? I didn't, but ate one all the same. Erin has three dogs and a cat, but Kirby, a Jack Russell like Eddie only wire-haired, was my favorite! Isn't he cute?

It was a pretty late night but Sunday we went to Mass at my parents' church, St. Laurence. The church has recently been renovated and it is absolutely stunning! It was the 3rd Sunday in Advent, Gaudette Sunday, which is all about hope and joy. The choir is fantastic there but they didn't sing Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel which I posted about yesterday. I miss the choir when we are in New Braunfels. After Mass we went out for a Mexican lunch and after that it was on to the shower. Three girls from my high school are Erin's bridesmaids and helped throw the shower. We were never close but it was neat to see them again anyway. It was held at the Houston National Golf Club which was very pretty and we had a fun time. How great is that cake?

the Erins and our moms at the shower. Jeez I look huge!
After the shower it was time to pack back up, load up the dogs and head home. Very fun weekend but way too short.

Moving on to hunting, so stop reading if you need to.

Brian had a good weekend too hunting with his dad and friends. At one point he called and told me that one of the hunting party had shot the best buck of his life but they were having a really hard time tracking him. He asked me to pray to St. Anthony that they'd find him. I said no way and started praying to St. Francis that the deer would be ok. It looks like my prayers were more powerful because when they sent dogs after him to find the deer the dogs came back a little beat up. Apparently the guy had barely grazed the buck and he was strong enough to give the dogs a fight. He'll heal and be just fine! A doe was less lucky. And my wish did not come true. I now have about 40 lbs of processed venison in our new deep freeze. I've never cooked venison before and I don't really want to. Any suggestions on how to disguise it?


Erin said...

I realize now that the picture of my toes is absolutely useless! It just looks like red polish. I swear though, in real life they are very holiday glitz!

Mrs. Watts said...

Aww the Fickmans! I have not heard from them in so long but we used to carpool for years!

Sing Me Anything said...

Red Wagon is my guess. It is their best selling/staple red. It's on my toes right now and it looks the same :) (Im an OPI junkie)

Jamie said...

Looks like a fun weekend! You looked so pretty on your wedding day!

Jamie said...

Looks like a fun weekend! You looked so pretty on your wedding day!

Jessica Elizabeth said...

LOVE the cake and the toes!

allie-mac-fallie said...

that cake is AWESOME!! who else is in her wedding?? glad you had a fun weekend <3