Monday, December 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It seems silly to even post this week about a menu plan seeing as though I'll only be making dinner one night, but in the interest of starting a good habit and also sharing a couple recipes with you, here is our plan for the week.
Monday-Christmas social with the Young Adults group. We're headed to the Pruitts' house. I'm bringing this chocolate cake (with a pretty red glaze and red and green sugar crystals added) and these sausage and cheese balls appetizers. I made a big batch of them on Friday for our school party they were a big hit. I froze half before baking and will be bringing them tonight.
Tuesday-Shrimp and sugar snap peas over pasta these will be made slightly less healthy due to the fact that I'm trying to clean out the freezer and pantry rather than go shopping so I'll be using ramen noodles (without the seasonings), canned shrimp (clearance plus a coupon $.30), and frozen sugar snap peas). Salad and oranges to go with.
Wednesday-Dinner at Brian's parents' new house in Austin. I'm bringing this salad that I made on Thanksgiving and this cranberry pie.
Thursday- We're headed to the Valley to visit my family (except my parents) for Christmas. My uncles are taking us out to Texas Road House for dinner that night.
Friday- Christmas day on South Padre Island! I'm bringing Waldorf Salad and maybe something else if I think of it.

OK, now that I've written it all out, I don't feel the least bit guilty about the amount of cooking I'm doing. What are your plans for the week?

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JMay said...

Sounds like a fun week!

Cute blog :-)