Monday, January 7, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast - Soaked steel cut oats with cranberries and almonds
Lunch - butternut squash, turkey slices
Snack - hard boiled eggs
Dinner - Terae's beef stroganoff
to do: soak almonds


Breakfast - herb baked eggs, kefir
Lunch - out with friends
Snack - string cheese, apple slices
Dinner - spiced slowcooker chicken stew from Nourished Kitchen, orange and arugula salad
to do: soak oatmeal, thaw pumpkin, thaw stock, dry almonds


Breakfast - soaked steel cut oats with pumpkin stirred in
Lunch - egg drop soup, fruit
Snack - cinnamon popcorn
Dinner -  Pan fried pork chops, Buttermilk scalloped potatoeskale salad with honey mustard dressing
to do: bake pumpkin bread, thaw beef , make almond meal


Breakfast - Pumpkin bread, kefir
Lunch - tortilla pizzas
Snack - almond apricot bars from Nourished Kitchen
Dinner - shepherd's pie
to do: soak beans, make eggshell calcium


Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and tomatoes
Lunch - grilled cheese sandwiches and grapes
Snack - leftover pumpkin bread
Dinner - Navy bean soup


Breakfast - kefir smoothies
Lunch - Pea Pimiento casserole
Snack - Apples and butterscotch sauce
Dinner - leftovers


allie-mac-fallie said...

i love your meal plans! you make it look so easy hehe

Lisa G. said...

I love when other people post meal plans! It gives me great ideas to make things I've never made before. I haven't even had egg drop soup before, but yesterday, Elena and I made it and it was magical!!! I can't believe I've never had it! Also, I put your herb-baked eggs in my queue to make soon :)