Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Diaper Wreath feat. Discovery Toys

I like the title of this post. It's like a R&B and hip-hop collaboration, feat. Sadly, nothing musical here except the killer soundtrack to this diaper wreath tutorial video I watched to learn how to do this. Trying to take my Discovery Toys business to new heights before I've even completed my first month as an Educational Consultant, I decided to create a new vehicle for gifting Discovery Toys for new babes. Enter the diaper wreath (I want to try a cake next!) My first customer replied to a facebook post I made about said subject as she has a baby shower to attend this weekend. She chose the toys she wanted, Chiming Charlie, Ring Around, and the ever popular Boomerings. Here's how it turned out once I added rainbow colored ribbons and a Boomering on the back for hanging.
I was pretty pleased! Next time I think I'll use even more ribbon though, it makes it extra fun! Of course they're infinitely customizable from brand of diapers, colors of ribbon, and of course the toys and books chosen. It was a lot easier to ship than I thought. Now taking new orders ;)

I have this online party going on right now to benefit a darling little girl, Leyna, who is in the process of being adopted by her new family. If you were thinking of doing a little DT shopping anyway and it is not yet January 22nd, do it through that party. Shipping will be cheaper for you and 10% of sales will go to help her family cover the expenses of adoption and any free product earned will go to her as welcome home gifts! 
If you have a cause you'd like to support, I would be glad to set up an online party (or in person if you're local) for you to share with your friends and family and make a similar donation if I also support the charity or cause. 

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