Monday, January 28, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast - Grits with strawberry jam
Lunch - egg salad, carrot sticks
Snack - apples with melted cheese
Dinner - Okonomyaki Japanese Pancakes
to do: soak dough for rolls, thaw pate, thaw ribs, make chicken broth, start fermenting carrots, freeze veggie cubes for shake tomorrow

Breakfast - overnight steel cut oats loosely based on the recipe in Taste of Home this month (save some for the shakes tomorrow)
Lunch - Chicken Noodle Soup and soaked wheat rolls
Snack - pate and celery
Dinner - beef ribscheesy potatoes, creamy cole slaw
to do: bake bread, thaw pork

Breakfast -  Breakfast shake
Lunch - leftover soup
Snack - Gingersnap cookies, avocado with dressing (freeze1/2)
Dinner - basil and garlic chive lasagna (with ground pork), salad
to do: soak quinoa, freeze avocado, thaw onions and peppers

Breakfast - Toe in the Holes, kefir
Lunch - out with friends
Snack - Creamy paleo chocolate milkshake
Dinner - Mexican Quinoa Bowl (Chicken)

Breakfast - Grain Free Orange Muffins
Lunch - grilled cheese sandwiches
Snack - fruit kefir smoothie
Dinner - out for oysters

There's a pretty major renovation project going on at our house this weekend. My dad is coming in to help Brian scrape the popcorn texture off the cathedral ceiling in the entryway and over the stairs. Brian has done almost all the other areas of the house which resulted in a funny looking paint line halfway across the ceiling, but scaffolding has to be rented for this part and he needs another pair of hands. So my main job is going to be to keep William from pulling down the plastic sheeting and eating plaster. I'll be doing good to make this one meal. I'll probably pick up some bagels and a bag of burgers for the rest of the day. If it all goes well I'll make them a big breakfast Sunday. And I'll have a beautiful chandelier hanging in the foyer!
Dinner - Country-Fried Steak bites, onion gravy, herbed red potatoes, green beans with bacon

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Carrie said...

You are going to have an exciting weekend, my friend! Poor William, I can't believe you're not going to let him eat plaster. Ha! You know that will be the ONLY thing he wants all day :)