Monday, January 21, 2013

Pantry Challenge Week!

This morning we had leftover blender pancakes that I had frozen which seemed like our only option. We have run out of a few staples and a lot of fresh ingredients. But that's ok, because Monday is usually my grocery shopping day anyway except for milk and eggs which I pick up Tuesday. I had most of a meal plan drafted, I just needed to flesh it out with some lunches and a couple snacks. The plan was to do that this afternoon, but on the way out to the car to load up to go to Kindermusik, *surprise!!* The car seat that was taken out when we did a vehicle shuffle yesterday wasn't put back in, instead it rode to San Antonio with Brian this morning. No Kindermusik, no grocery shopping. I was mad for about a minute. Long enough to call Brian and leave a clenched-teeth voice mail. After that though, I saw the beautiful day that was shaping up and decided we could walk to the park or the library for fun, as well as play in the backyard, and for food - well, it's high time for a pantry challenge! When I say my cupboard is bare, it's about like saying my closet is empty (I have plenty to keep me clothed!). Sure, there aren't ready made meals staring at me, but there is an awful lot of frozen meat and veggies, plenty of baking supplies, more spices than most of my family has ever heard of, and rice, beans, and broth for days. When you have that, you have a lot!
I played around for a few minutes at and there are pages and pages of things it says I can make with what I already have. Sooo... I'm getting ready to make some pumpkin muffins for breakfast tomorrow and snacks for today, and I have Cheesy Ham and Broccoli defrosting for dinner. I'll try to post later a few of the things I ended up making this week, at least I think I'll try for a week. The only thing we're buying are the farm fresh milk and eggs I mentioned above, and Brian's going to bring home some fresh fruit. No eating out, no other shopping, I bet we'll still be eating pretty good around here!
How long do you think you could feed your family off of only what you have now? Want to give it a go with me?

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