Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bless this mess

I mentioned in the meal plan the project that was going to be going on this weekend. Scratch that. My Grandpa is in seriously poor health. He is 90 years old and hasn't been very strong for several years, but he got pneumonia that has put him in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. The hope is that he'll get to go home in the next couple of days, but it's under the understanding that there's nothing more they can do for him at the hospital. So my mom and dad are going down to visit him this weekend and won't be able to be here to work with Brian. Am I going down too? Maybe. I know it's Thursday but I haven't decided yet. On the one hand, I'd love to see him, especially since there's the threat of this might be the last time. I'm still hoping that he'll rally once he gets home though. On the other hand, I would have Will with me who, while he brings joy to my Grandpa, can also bring a little chaos with him and doesn't need to be getting sick or getting anyone else sick. Also Brian will be travelling all next week and the week after (agh!) and I'd love to be with him while I can. I can't decide. But pray for my Grandpa if you would, and for us, we're kind of a mess around here.

Speaking of mess, I was going to follow up this dreary post with the introduction of our new aquarium. Did I say aquarium? I meant aquariums. Because even though we've had these fish less than a week, one of them is sick already, and a second hospital aquarium has had to be set up for him. I won't ask for prayers for the fish, but there's that.

The reason that I am not actually posting about the fish though, is that I can't find either the camera or my phone. The camera could very well be with my in-laws, but the phone ought to be here. William was playing with it yesterday, so I'm about to go tear up the living room looking for it. In just looking under the sofa I realized I hadn't quite cleaned up the entire pound of epsom salts that William dumped out in the living room and along with the usual dust bunnies, there's a dusting of epsom snow, a Bible, some socks, crumbs and books under there. It desperately needs cleaning. The cushions of the sofa feature coffee spills, grimy handprints, and a spot of unknown origin that Will points at and says poo poo. I'm a little scared he might be right, so they're getting stripped and cleaned today too. So, like I said, I could use some prayers, it's kind of a mess around here.

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Brooke said...

Oh that last paragraph sounds all too familiar to me! Sending prayers your way! :))