Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I Wore Gaudete Sunday

Rejoice in the Lord always.
I shall say it again: rejoice!
Philippians 4:4

Our compromise between throwing up the tree and decorations as soon as the table is cleared after Thanksgiving and somehow trying to magically produce a festive decorated home Christmas Eve is to do the lights and tree Gaudete Sunday (or the eve of). The nativity scenes came at the start of advent, the stockings were added right before St. Nicholas day, and we've gradually been adding seasonal but not expressly Christmas items throughout the house. We decorated with lights outside yesterday, and have a special addition to the Christmas decorations (just wait till you see how high class this is) coming today or tomorrow! I'll post pictures when it's all finished. We also bought a Christmas tree and will be decorating it after nap time today.
I've been enjoying so much all of your (to the interwebs at large) lovely articles about advent and the reflections on the season. I don't have many wise words to add to the collective, but just to say that somehow we've escaped the busyness that everyone refers to. It could be that no one is busting down our doors to celebrate with us, or that we're in a stage of life that skips holiday parties anyway, but there has certainly been a sense of calm and peace in our home that I am very thankful for. We linger over coffee in the mornings, and have our usual dinners together every evening with plenty of time for family prayers and reading stories. I'm greatly enjoying waiting for the Christ child this year, as every year. I hope you're able to experience the same calm in your home. 
That said, here's what I wore to Mass today.

 Notice my newly decorated mantel. (Don't notice the toys stuffed in the corner) I was able to deck my halls on the cheap this year thanks to free fir clippings from the tree lot, and the gracious donations made by our own Nandina, Plum Delight, and Boxwood plants. I was pretty impressed with my efforts. I'd love to tuck in some candle sticks, as seen in Southern Living, but I'm worried it might send the whole display crashing into a pile of pine needles. 
The Deets:
Gold sweater: Ann Taylor Loft
Striped dress: Old Navy outlet
Belt: J. Crew
flats: Target

The Babe:
Chambray camp shirt: Target
brown cords: Sams Club
bare feet, as also seen at Mass: his own doing
Solid B for behavior. He got to feed the fish in the grotto as a reward

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Stephanie said...

So smart and so cute to layer your sweater over the skirt; you look gorgeous, Erin!

I love the way you gradually decorate for Christmas; it seems like such a wonderful way to stay sane and maintain the peace you mention, and to increase your anticipation for Jesus' birth in such a visible way--I'll have to borrow some of your ideas next year! Your mantel garland is so pretty!

natalie g. said...

I love your outfit and I can't lie I am slightly obsessed with that rug!

Catholic Cookie Jar said...

You look adorable Erin! I love the shirt layered over the dress!

Magdalen Dobson said...

I love the fitted tee and skirt combo! It's so pretty and feminine.

Deme @ Fresh Coat Of Paint said...

You both look so cute! I love that dress and it looks great with the sweater and belt. Your mantle is lovely and I love your approach to decorating for Christmas too.

Carrie said...

Cute outfit, Erin. I, too, love your rug and pretty mantle :) Not to mention handsome little boy. Good to hear you all had a great Sunday morning with B behavior from said boy. Whitt was rugged this morning. I think I might have to give my own sweet boy a D! Ha :)

Jiza @ The Real JZ said...

Your home (from this photo) looks exactly as how you describe it: peaceful and calm. Your mantle looks great, and both of you look adorable. I am a fan of the orange stripes!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Your mantle looks gorgeous and I am loving the stripes in your dress!

Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

Love, love, love the long dress. And your mantle is beautiful.

Designer Jules said...

Great idea to put a sweater over a dress...why haven't I ever thought of that!?

Emily said...

I love the dress! Stripes are my favorite. And the babe.So so so cute! Thanks for linking up with us!

Lisa said...

Such a cute look! I love the stripes, and the layered sweater over the dress. Great ideas, too, for slowly decorating. I esp. like putting the stockings up for St. Nick and the tree on Gaudete Sunday.