Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes, completely void of a unifying theme

1. I'll start out with the big news first. I have decided to become a Discovery Toys consultant! I played with these toys when I was a kid, and my mom gave Will a bunch of them for Christmas last year, which he still loves! They're high quality, educational toys that last forever! So after some hemming and hawing, I decided to finally jump in. I have my first online party going on right now and I'd love to invite you to come shop around in there! Last day to order Christmas presents is December 14th, so you still have a week! Please help me kick off this new venture with some good sales. If you'd like to host your own online or in-person Discovery Toy party, let me know. It will be great fun and there's free toys in it for you.
Who didn't have a set of these Measure Up Cups?
2. In my stocking from St. Nicholas yesterday, I received a weather station that gives indoor and outdoor temps. There's a little weather girl icon that changes outfits based on the outdoor temperature. She doesn't put on pants until it's 66* or less, so while I'm wearing green skinny cords, she's still in her bathing suit. That says a lot about what she thinks about this Texas weather.

3. My (male) cousin posted this video on Facebook about "can men and women be just friends?" Just like all the girls in the video I used to think the answer was yes and counted several guys as my best friends. As it turned out the guys had it right with this one. Especially at the college age, the answer is no.

4. Watch this video of William doing pushups. It's exceptionally brief, and cute! I can say hey Will, lets do some pushups and he'll get down and do that lizard motion. He gets in around 4 per second. That's my dad with him. 

5. Tahini cookies may not be traditional Christmas time treats, but I'm going to be making these at least once or twice more before the end of the year. They are supremely easy, extremely delicious, and moderately healthy. If you have the ingredients, give them a try.

6. I just got in a new extremely conservative nightgown. I'll bet even Michelle Bachmann doesn't have one like this! Surprisingly, my husband is a fan too! It might be because while Lands End isn't exactly Victoria's Secret, it's still a huge step up from his sister's hand-me-down yoga pants and my t-shirts that are approaching their 10th birthday. I was going to post a pic of me in it St. Nicholas morning, but for the sake of propriety I'll just share the model instead. And it's on sale now!

7. 27 Reasons Why Kids are the Worst is actually really funny. Just don't watch it with your kids around, they might get ideas.

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