Monday, December 17, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast - Herb baked eggs
Lunch - leftover lentil soup
Snack - hard boiled eggs
Dinner - Rigatoni and Meatballs (we ran out of time last night because of a Target trip so we had quiche last night and pushed this meal to today)
to do: hard boil eggs


Breakfast - Soaked oatmeal with walnuts and dates
Lunch - Egg salad on Triscuits
Snack - celery and pate
Dinner - Chicken Vegetable turnovers (Jenny's crust looks amazing, but mine is going to have to be simpler, I don't do sourdough.), Fall salad
to do: pick up eggs and milk, thaw sausage, stew meat


Breakfast - Sausage and Eggs
Lunch - Kefir and fruit smoothies, veggie slices
Snack - cranberry apple mini-pies
Dinner - MIL's beef stew, green beans in bacon
to do: make creme fraiche


Breakfast - apple cinnamon coffee cake
Lunch - Fried eggs and greens
Snack - carrots in creme fraiche dip
Dinner - Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches on wheat, sauerruben, sliced fruit (Quick because we're going caroling downtown)
to do: Bake bread, soak rice


Breakfast - Peanut butter toast and kefir
Lunch - Annie's mac and cheese with peas
Snack - leftover coffee cake
Dinner - Grilled Salmon in kefir dill sauce, sauteed kales, brown rice
to do:  soak oatmeal, soak beans


Breakfast - Soaked oatmeal with jam
Lunch - Grilled cheese sandwiches, apples, sauerkraut
Snack - No-Sugar Christmas cut-out cookies
Dinner - bourbon baked beans and masa cornbreadbutternut squash fries in garlic mayo


Brunch - juevos ranch-tatos
Snack - Cheese and salami and crackers
Dinner - Probably eat out with Grammy and Gramps

I'm linking up with Modern Alternative Kitchen's Meal Plan Monday. Head over there for more real food meal ideas!

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Carrie said...

Please let me know how your Rigatoni and Meatballs turnout. I tried the PW's recipe after seeing it on her show and I thought it was just okay. But it could have been operator error on my part :)