Monday, December 3, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Breakfast - I had kefir smoothies and toast planned but Will was so insistent we have popcorn, that I rolled with it. Honey nut butter popcorn
Lunch - Quesadillas made with leftover beef and pork combo enchilada filling
Snack - yogurt covered bananas
Dinner - Xaver Suppe in honor of the feast of St. Francis Xavier, and grilled cheese, picnic style. We're meeting daddy at park then all heading to a special evening Kindermusik class.
to do: soak oatmeal


Breakfast - Steel cut oatmeal with apples and raisins
Lunch -  tuna salad on Triscuits, clementines
Snack - apples and cheese slices, melted
Dinner - BBQ Baked potatoes, green fall salad
to do: pull out pate, Brunswick stew, sausage patties


Breakfast - Eggs and sausage
Lunch - Brunswick stew from the freezer
Snack - Celery and butternut squash and chicken liver pate. Tip - freeze pate in ice cube trays for nutrient dense snacks or party food
Dinner - Tarragon Chicken over wilted spinach, butternut squash, apple crisp for dessert. (all recipes are from a Nourished Kitchen menu mailer, they're not posted on the website yet.)
to do: soak nuts for crisp in the morning, prep french toast casserole


Breakfast - Cinnamon Raisin french toast casserole with blackberries and cream. We'll be opening our stockings if St. Nicholas comes! Today is his feast.
Lunch - frozen cheese pizza - hey it's a special day!
Snack - pumpkin cranberry bread
Dinner - our town has Wassailfest so we will be out Wassailing. We might pick something up, or I might throw together some hot sandwiches.
to do: Bake bread, pull out fish

Breakfast - leftover french toast casserole
Lunch - PBJ Kefir smoothies
Snack - cauliflower and dip
Dinner - parmesan crusted fish, broccoli, rice (something like that Kraft recipe, without all that brand specific crap-ola)

Brian is out of town this weekend, so we'll see what we're in the mood for. Maybe just leftovers, maybe we'll go out once or twice. It's not a whole ton of fun cooking 4 meals a day for just me and a toddler.

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allie-mac-fallie said...

I know I've probably said this a million times but I seriously wish I could do this... I think my life would be 100x's more organized, I'd be less stressed and my bank account would look much healthier too ;)
this is usually our meal plan:
breakfast: oatmeal or bananas/ applesauce
lunch: pouches of food for rg- granola bars for me haha
dinner: out to eat.
lammmme housewife I am I tell you!!