Friday, March 2, 2012

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It is a school rule here that students are not allowed to use electronics (cell phones, ipods) during class. I probably wouldn't care all that much as long at they're still doing their work, but I'd be in trouble if an administrator came in and a bunch of kids had ear buds in. I've gotten onto one girl just about every day for the last few weeks because not only is she using her ipod but she is connected to the girl across the aisle from her sharing one ear bud each. I even took up her ipod last class because she repeatedly had it out. So you'll imagine my surprise when that same girl comes up to me  during independent practice time with her ipod and the usb cord and asks to plug it into my laptop to charge it. Absolutely not, I tell her. I'm on you all the time to turn it off and put it away and you think I'm going to let you charge it on my computer? But it's going to die, she says. Let it die, then! I won't be attending the funeral.
Would you have asked your teacher to use her computer for any personal reason, let alone to charge the ipod you're not supposed to have?
These are not my students. They look nothing like my students. Image found here.

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