Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I Wore Sunday vol. 3

 We went to the early Mass again this week, 8:00, because that seems to be the best bet for good behavior out of Willie. There must be some other reason to blame then for the fail in Mass etiquette out of him. Major step down from last week. Oh well.
New sweater: Kohl's. I brought in a facebook offer for 20% off plus 2 $10 off coupons bringing this already on sale sweater down to the low low price of next to nothing. I also picked up a pair of mustard tights and some gold (toned) bow earrings.
Skirt: J. Crew from back when I worked there.
Tights: probably also J.Crew
Shoes: Nine West

Our morning went a little like this. Wake up at 5:00 when Will is ready, thank Brian profusely for him taking Will downstairs and letting me sleep in another hour or so. Come down and they're watching the DVRed Stanford vs Oregon game from last night. Get really into the last 8 minutes of the game and forget about breakfast and getting ready. (Maybe that's why Will was irritable, he was hangry!) Realize it's 7:15 and we have 30 minutes to leave the house. I get in the shower and ask Brian to dress Will in a certain sweater and some gray pants. Will comes and opens the shower door wearing a different pair of gray pants that really don't go at all and make comment I come to regret, "that's interesting." Brian is sick of my critiquing what he dresses Will in and wants to make a fight out of it. Diffuse while I'm doing my hair. Will wears the silly combo to church. No one remarks what irresponsible parents we are to dress him like that so it must be ok. Erin, relax, he's a boy, it doesn't matter what he wears. I feel bad about making Brian feel bad so I decide to give him input in my outfit, enter the options. Navy sweater or new maroon one? Maroon. Gray skirt or tweed skirt? Tweed. Black boots or these shoes? Boots. ehhh. Why'd you even ask then? Well, I was considering boots, but these are a perfect match. Tights or no tights? No tights. Put tights on one leg, are you sure no tights? ok, tights. Brian dressed in a plaid flannel shirt and khaki pants with no input from anyone. Hurry to Mass, fit in a decade of the Rosary on the way and make it into the pew on time.

Are we the only household that operates this way? Who decides what everyone in your family is wearing to church?


Cat said...

I'm also married to a Brian :) I usually decide what the baby is wearing since husband goes to work early. Last week I let him dress her for our day trip to South Bend and I said "she looks like she's going camping." He didn't care, and I didn't care enough to change her clothes. There are certain things I just have learned to let go. However, I TOLD my husband what he will be wearing for our family photos today :)

p.s. I LOVE your skirt!

Brooke said...

Love the outfit... and this link up! Every Sunday I see everyone's awesome outfits and I always forget to snap a pic and join in. I just might have to put my outfit back on!!

Anonymous said...

When the kids were little I picked it all out (except Hubby) and now that they are older I only get involved if it is inappropriate.
BTW, love the marroon/grey combo ;-)

Deme @ Fresh Coat Of Paint said...

Such a great steal on a great sweater! Love the look of it with grey and those shoes are perfect. My hubs stays far away as I attempt to go through the same process by myself and half my closet is left on the bed to clean up after Mass!

-Kinsi- said...

Found you thru the link-up, of course :-)

No babies to dress in our family, yet. As for the big baby (er, husband)- I tell him that so long as he's wearing pants (and no, jeans do not count) and something resembling a collar, he's good to go for Mass.

He was polite enough to ask me if it was acceptable to wear athletic shorts to the grocery store today, hehe.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I would never ask my husband for input because he might actually give it! HA!

My son is 10 so he chooses his own clothes but I make sure that he only has a few options for Sunday. No way he can mess up a shirt with khaki pants!

The problem I have is with my 8 year old daughter. I let her choose her own clothes as well. She has a lot of interesting picks and normally I let her go with what she chooses unless it's something that is too small. She has gone in some outfits that have made me cringe (stripes with plaids, polka-dots with get the picture) but she is always very pleased with herself so I just bite my tongue and go with it.

Your outfit is cute, by the way!

Sarah said...

Love a tweed skirt! I have one from J.Crew that I found at goodwill and I love it. :)

Very pretty outfit.

Kiera Kurak said...

Love those colors together and the design on your shirt!

Kathryn said...

Erin, I have a fashion question for you - Texan to Texan ;) Can you email me? I think this form shows you my address!

Style with Andie said...

I really like that you matched your shoes to the sweater! We too go to mass early at 7am (the next time is 9am) because the little one needs to nap again at 9am. Oh the changes little ones bring to our lives!

Martha said...

Well aren't you just the cutest thing! Love your outfit and the hair is cute too!

Since my husband is the pastoral musician at our parish, I don't get to tell him what to wear - he's out of the house to play the 7am before I'm really 'awake' (read: I'm sleep-nursing our 5 week old). Sometimes I get to give him input the night before, for the vigil Masses.

Good for you for asking for input on your outfit...I never do. I realize ahead of time I will take none of his suggestions. I actually don't even ask for the baby...but he's okay with that because he's still at the point where he's afraid he'll break her if he does something without my permission (why does he think I know what I'm doing any more than he does???).

Emily said...

Your skirt and tights look so great together! And your cute shoes! Love the outfit! Thank you so much for participating with us!

bluiis said...

Years ago when my children were small their best outfits were hung in my closet as outfits, down to the socks, so I knew they'd match regardless of which hanger they or my hubby grabbed. It also made it easy for me to make sure the clothes were ironed and in good repair.

Now that my youngest is 18 he usually picks his own clothes. And when he's done with laundry, he hangs his dress clothes up with socks in his pant pockets. LOL