Monday, November 5, 2012

Last Night

Oh. Last Night! Last night counted among the top 5 worst nights in my life, certainly in Will's life. Brian blames the time change. I blame a crazy shift in the magnetic pull of the earth that made my body ache in terrible and inexplicable ways, and my son to flip his *shift* into crazy baby mode. No one slept more than a wink at a time. Will thought the world was coming to an end the moment my boob left his mouth and signed more like the universe depended on it all. night. long. Highlights include
Oh! That cup! No that's not where it goes.

  • my day (night?) dreaming scary scenes where chicken eggs cracked into a pan were human babies with names. That was around 11 pm
  • Will and I going downstairs to give daddy a chance to sleep and watching Micky on the couch. I thought he'd drift off to sleep watching. That's what I did. He watched the whole episode then screamed and woke me up as soon as it ended. That was around 12:30 am
  • Brian drove him to the lake house and back during which he fell asleep but immediately upon arriving home popped back up to squeal for more na na (nurse). That was at 2:20 am
  • Brian and I held an incoherent argument about Will's cup that went something like "where's his cup?" "which cup?" "WHICH cup, are you serious?" "yes which cup are you looking for?" "any cup" and on like that for several minutes followed by a slammed door after which Brian ostensibly went looking for the cup in the cars. about 3:00 am
  • My warning Will that his momma is the biggest proponent of nursing and bed sharing that he's ever met, but his behavior was making me think bottles and cribs sound like superb ideas. 
The hellish and ridiculous night ended with us all getting out of bed around 5:30 while Will hollered No repeatedly. 
This to say that I didn't really feel up to making a weekly meal plan today. I'm pushing it off till tomorrow and we're having leftovers tonight. I'd better get to it tomorrow or else the whole week will run kind of like last night did. Plus depressing meals of sandwiches and canned things. 

The bright side? That's easy. I'm recounting one of the worst nights in my life and it boils down to a little sleeplessness and silliness. All the members of my family are healthy and not facing danger. My husband is at his nice job, drowsy, but employed. The biggest decision I faced today was whether to go to boot camp and Kindermusik. We decided no to boot camp, yes to Kindermusik and I'm pleased with that choice. I am one blessed woman, wouldn't you say? I just hope this is a really really good nap!

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allie-mac-fallie said...

oh girl... you poor thing! I am so so sorry!! That sounds horrible... do you have his crib set up? I might have put him in there with his CUP and let him cry a little bit hahah youre a great mamma!! :)