Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I'll start by putting the humble out there. If you're ever feeling particularly bad about yourself just let me know. I'll let you come over to my house and get a good look at my kitchen. Guaranteed you'll be feeling better about yourself in no time! There's nothing like company coming to get the motivation to clean it up though and I have a friend and his new fiance coming Tuesday, so it should be better by then.

In the spirit of reciprocity, would you care to share a failed baking story to cheer me up? I used to think I liked baking, but my goodness I am terrible at the sport! I managed to turn award-winning cookies into the most mediocre things ever to boast chocolate chips. Clearly, I couldn't offer those to the new neighbors I had intended them for so I was forced to eat them all instead. I tried to make a chocolate pie that my friend from college recommended on facebook that he said was easy and perfect for summer. A broken pie crust later I have 2 soupy chocolate pies with melted whipped cream in my freezer. I can't go into anymore details on this because I have a lengthy post planned that's sure to contain lots of pictures and complaints that I may post some day. Breathe easy, my last post was in June. It's pretty likely Will will wake up from his nap before then and I'll scrap the idea.
What it was supposed to look like.

At what point does chocolate become sinful? How much would I have to eat to consider it a venial sin? Do I need to bring this to confession? Really, it bothers the heck out of me when desserts are titled "sinful" and cheese fries are "guilty."

Inspired by this pin  I taped off a square tile in the kitchen and taught Will to pick things up on the kitchen floor and put them in the square. He doesn't quite have the dexterity for sweeping yet, he drags the broom around and then yells when it gets stuck immediately. The problem is that taking stuff out of the square and spreading it back around the kitchen is just as much fun so I have to be pretty quick with the dust pan. Still it occupies him for about 6 minutes which is longer than any other toy except the bubble-blowing lawnmower that blew bubbles exactly once.

My kefir colony has gotten too big and cultures too quickly now. I need to divide it so I posted on my Crunchy Mama Meetup group offering some kefir grains to anyone interested in starting to make their own. Someone else is actually interested and is going to swap me some of her sourdough starter culture for them. How's that for crunchy? I think I'm officially past the baby steps stages now. I'm not sure I'm ready for another growing thing I have to take care of daily, but I tried making kefir bread and it was about as successful as my chocolate chip cookies. Maybe the sourdough will be more edible.

I've made my travel plans to go see Brian again in Yorktown, VA for the second and final time this summer. William and I will be flying into Richmond with him in his own seat! The 31 lb kicking lap baby routine was tired. We'll spend a few days there with Brian until he graduates then drive home to Texas, stopping on the way for him to run a 50K trail race. Sounds like a peaceful easy trip right? Maybe I'll consolidate both trips into one and post some pictures when we get back.

William learned the sign for love and it melts my heart every time he does it for me, or the dogs, or his Baby Blue doll! He also knows more, all done, please, bath, bird, up, down, and help. We're working on thank you, sorry, and go the **** to sleep.
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Southern Belle Mama said...

I didn't do sign language with my first two, but I love to see wee ones using it! Maybe with this one I'll try it. And let me know the appropriate sign to get them to sleep...I'll need that one!