Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can't I just have crackers instead?

This picture is not from today. I just wanted you to
see how cute he could be when he actually eats.
I love cooking, and I don't mind admitting that one of the big reasons that's so is the praise and appreciation I receive when I cook for others. Brian never fails to compliment the food and thank me for preparing it. It's awesome. With Brian gone all summer though, I'm cooking for just William and myself. The critiques I make in my head are still there, but the accolades are missing. So on a night like tonight, when William seems to be teething, (or something) and doesn't touch the healthy meal I've prepared him, I notice. I made a pretty simple, but tasty real food meal. We had marinated chicken breasts, sweet potato hashbrowns cooked in coconut oil, and celery stuffed with cucumber cream cheese dip. I get that it's not the very definition of toddler food, but it's not exactly liver and onions with brussels sprouts either. He hardly touched anything except to toss it on the floor despite my warnings! Alright, fine a momma can move on. But that's made a lot harder by this exchange following only 5 minutes after I washed his food down the drain and started on dishes.
     William brings me the box of Ritz crackers, looks at me with big eyes and says "egh?" Which means "please mom can I have a snack?" "No", I say, "you didn't eat your dinner, would you like some sweet potato instead?" In response to my very reasonable suggestion, he tosses himself to the floor, rubbing his face on the tile and offering a protest of "ahhh uh buh na na na" followed by whimpering and kicking. It's pitiful really, but I watch him and realize this is the 14 month old equivalent of "Ugh, mom, It's so unfair! I never get to have what I want, you never let me have anything good! Aiden's mom lets him have Ritz crackers for dinner. Aiden's mom wants him to be happy! You just want me to eat that yucky food that will probably make me sick." 
     Maybe practicing my patience with the complaints of a toddler will help me prepare for the day that nonsense is coming. All I can say for right now, is I can't wait for Brian to come home so that at least someone will appreciate the yummy food I take the trouble to make!


Southern Belle Mama said...

We've gone through the same thing with both of ours and the take it or leave it approach has paid off...two good eaters. They may really not like somehing, but as long as they give it a fair try I don't mind adding something to their plate that I know they like.

Good luck with your little one! And I think that dinner sounded delicious!!

allie-mac-fallie said...

Ahhh but he's so cute Erin!! Hahaha