Monday, October 22, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast - yogurt with 2 minute raw power breakfast
Lunch - Egg Salad on Triscuits and lettuce salad with grapefruit slices and cilantro cream dressing
Snack - everything bagel with cream cheese (coupon from Einstein Bros)
Dinner - Lentil Vegetable soup and biscuits
to do - Thaw turkey, make bullion sub

Breakfast -  Sausage biscuits
Lunch - Leftover soup
Snack apple pie kefir smoothies
Dinner - ground beef Quesadillas with salsa and sour cream & mexican rice (from freezer)
to do - Make and freeze extra hummus, make and freeze bean burritos, save most of ground beef for Thurs, soak oats, pick up milk and egg drop off

Breakfast - Soaked oatmeal
Lunch - Egg Salad on crackers, roasted okra
Snack -  carrot sticks and hummus
Dinner - Turkey, stuffing, cranberries
to do - Pick up CSA box

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs
Lunch - fried sardines (from Whole Living, can't find it online) on crackers and fruit
Snack - peppers and hummus
Dinner - Tater tot casserole and fried cabbage
to do - bake muffins, freeze most

Breakfast - Anytime Muffins
Lunch - freezer bean burritos
Snack - hard boiled eggs
Dinner - creamed tuna & peas over rice
       dessert - bake cookies with Will as an end of C week celebration. Don't know what kind yet.

Breakfast - Dutch Baby Pancake
Lunch - Eggplant & onions over pasta
Snack - cookies and milk
Dinner - Turkey tetrazzini, whatever veggies or fruit we have left

*note - where appropriate, and I can afford it, real food substitutions are made in all of these recipes.

If you would, suggest a favorite cookie recipe with ingredients I probably already have, or your favorite scratch cranberry sauce recipe, I haven't chosen one yet. Do you make a meal plan each week? Feel free to leave a link, I love new ideas.

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Carrie said...

Yum, Erin! I would love to line up a meal plan each week, but I'm just not that organized right now.