Tuesday, October 16, 2012

an 18 month old linguist

Yesterday was William's 18 month birthday. What a blessing this year and a half has been to us! I sat him on my lap yesterday and told him the wonderful things I love about him, his rambunctious spirit, his generosity with hugs and kisses, how kind he is to dogs and his love of all animals. I told him how much I love the little boy that is quickly replacing my baby. Lately he's been telling me a lot of things too. I thought I should take a few minutes to record his rapidly growing vocabulary at this toddler phase of his life.
Da Da - Da Da
Mom - Mommy (I thought I would get to be Mama or Mommy for a while before switching to Mom in early adolescence, but he's jumped right to it.)
Dog (replacing Dee) - Dog
dat - cat
ssh - fish
boo - peekaboo
boo - poop
boo - potty
boo - stinky
boo - spoon
boo - book
dree - read
go go go - football
bah - ball
car - car
jruck - truck
jruck - duck
choo choo - train
NAK! - snack
NAK - apple
NAK - crackers
jews - juice
jews -shoes
mook - milk
no - no
no - nose
nee - knee
meh - Micky Mouse
meh - Virgin Mary
meh neh - Handy Manny
beeby - his baby doll
beeby - anyone under 5

I bet there are a few more I've missed, but it's wonderful seeing him learn to identify the important things around him. He also does a few signs including please, more, bath, water, and pointing to his forehead with his thumb which is a request for us to bless him or a reminder to say grace, the start of the sign of the cross. It's the sweetest little thing! Even more amazing might be how well he understands us! Given that he's in the mood to take directions, we can tell him pretty complicated things once and he goes and does it right away. Of course that makes the many times he's not disposed to listen to his mommy all the more frustrating because I know he understands me. Which reminds me of the one last not so cute thing he does. doh accompanying a raised hand means he does not like whatever I just told him and I'd better catch that hand or get out of the way because he'll hit! Yes, like I said, the dearest most lovely little 18 month old boy, mostly!


Brooke said...

Love the sign for the sign of the cross! He sounds so big, and in my mind he will forever be a sweet baby!

Carrie said...

So sweet! I love that you wrote this all out and you will too, one day when he's an even bigger boy :) Hard to imagine, right?

Leanne said...

Oh how sweet! My little one will be 18 months on the 31st! She says "beeby" for her baby dolls, too! It just melts my heart!

She also say "peas" for please which just makes me squeal from the cuteness! :) I love this stage so much!