Friday, July 1, 2011

7 Quick Takes

The blueberry soup I made on Wednesday for dinner sort of flopped even though my husband and our guest said they really enjoyed it. The leftovers, however, made an excellent cocktail last night blended with rum and Sun Drop soda. I might make another batch just for the drinks.

I'm not at all ready to leave Will for "date night" and certainly not over night yet. The fact that people keep insisting they be allowed to babysit soon is starting to piss me off. It's like they want to spend time with my baby but want me to gtfo.

I am slowly and surely becoming "greener" and "crunchier." It seems to follow easily from wanting a natural start for my son. Whatever efforts we undertake in that area or changes we implement I can swear on my mother's life it will stop short of using family cloth. I draw the line way short of laundering my husband's you know what.

I'm thinking about getting this monogrammed jon jon in her wedding colors for Will to wear to my cousin's wedding. Wouldn't that be darling? But the fact that I spent sooo much money and wasted energy ordering my bridesmaid dress makes me want to throw a $3 onesie on him and call it good. I said I was going to write a separate post to tell you about that experience and I did, but didn't post it because it was one big whine fest. Being blogging-style girls though, I imagine a lot of you have probably done a good bit of online shopping. Have you ever had to call to confirm an order you placed and paid for online? After receiving an email confirmation for a phone order, have you ever had to print it, sign it and fax it back? No? Me neither until I dealt with this dress company. Plus I had to spend $40 rush shipping because I didn't follow those directions right the first time and the dress will only get here about 2 weeks sooner than it would have, still almost 3 months. Ok, apparently I wrote the whine fest after all, but it's much better in a quick take I think than a whole devoted post.

These are our plans for this weekend:
Friday- finally go to the free dance class I've been wanting to go to for weeks and haven't been able to.
Saturday - take a trip to the farmer's market, more for entertainment than actual shopping this time. Have dinner somewhere on the Riverwalk and spend the night at the Drury Plaza there for our 2 year anniversary (which is actually on Monday) Yes, Will is coming with us. No you can't babysit.
Sunday - meet my mom and dad at Mass and hang out with them. Maybe play at the river, I hope!
Monday - watch the 4th of July parade in town, then go to the lake house to watch the boat parade. Grill and play with Brian's family and my parents. Celebrate our freedom. Make up times that Will needs to eat just so I can get some hold time in with him away from all the baby-hungry loved ones.

I desperately want an iPad. I was just about ready to talk myself into deciding it was too expensive and I shouldn't get one when my husband said he thinks "it's necessary" especially for the 2 weeks we'll be in Corpus with no tv or internet. So now it looks like I really will get one! Sure, I'll likely just use it to play games and maybe read books, but I'm excited that I'll be current with technology for once!

I'm super sad that my bestie moved to North Carolina to stay. I know I wouldn't have actually seen her anyway since she lived in Denton before this, but knowing that she's that far away makes me miss her like crazy. I wish we were back in the days when a quick bike ride was the only thing that separated us. Chatting a long time yesterday helped, but I want to start planning when we can take a trip up there so we can meet each others babies! Her's is coming in October!


allie-mac-fallie said...

aweee first of all, i miss you like crazy too and reading that last part made me tear up!! :( I really do miss the days of the bike rides and playing in the creek! those were the best and we didn't even know it!!
2nd- that jon jon is adorable but holy expensive! ha I wish I could sew one for you ;)
3rd- can I babysit? okay, just kidding!
4th- HAPPY EARLY ANNIV!!!!!!! YAAAAY!! I love that every 4th I remember celebrating the best couple and having the MOST FUN EVER!!! (oh and karl asking you and pat if he could marry me ha!)
5th- SUN DROP!!! YEAH!!! you know that was one of my NC drinks??? and now they sell it in tx... mmm!
last- your 4th sounds like a blast! enjoy it!! and I love you tons! :) <3

Beth Zimmerman said...

The JonJon (never knew they were called that) is adorable! Josiah had something similar when he was a baby. Loved it!

Never heard of family cloth before and I have to say that is taking environmentalism too far! I think I'd rather use leaves! Not volunteering for that either though.

I felt the same way about people wanting to get their hands on MY baby when he was little. You will be ready to let go when the time is right for you and Will! Don't feel guilty about not being ready in the meantime.

Josiah bought an IPad to take to Nepal with him. Apparently there will be internet cafes available when they are in the city. Not so much on the mountains! (Himalayas) I have decided that I need one too so we can use the Facetime app! :)